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I saw a post about a month ago at Katy’s blog The Singing Runner. She posted it as part of a promotion she was invited to take part in on behalf of o.b, in return for a free item. I am not a part and will not be compensated, but I was impressed with the idea and wanted to share it myself.

Last year I read a book, Half The Sky. In it stories of women around the world were shared and for the first time I could see the beauty and not the annoyance in feminism. The ladies in the stories weren’t just trying to get a one-up on men, they were in desperate need of equality, of conditions worth living. One thing I kept with me was the lack of education and sanitary practices for many young girls.

Few ladies I know look forward to “the visit” “that time of the month” “their cycle” whatever you call it. How much less would you look forward to it if there wasn’t a pad or a tampon? What if there weren’t even ripped up clothes held up with a belt?

Imagine missing school every month. Imagine missing work every month.

Knowing something needed to be done, Huru International developed a cost- effective solution to this overlooked crisis. Since 2008, Huru International has distributed Huru Kits to girls to give them the sanitary products and health resources they need to help continue their education.

Per the website: HURU International was launched in 2008 under the aegis of AmericaShare, the US-based nonprofit arm of Micato Safaris, an organization that has worked in Kenya for more than 20 years. Our mission began with a simple realization: without the means to take care of their basic needs, young girls would continue to suffer needlessly and be denied the hope and dignity that is every person’s birthright.Our initial goal was to ensure that young girls throughout the Mukuru slum in Nairobi were able to take full advantage of the opportunities being offered. Recognizing that certain obstacles would persist, HURU International was established as a permanent, independent organization.

The problems we are addressing in Mukuru exist throughout the developing world, making HURU’s work easily adaptable. Our program can benefit girls of many different cultures and countries. We plan to expand throughout sub-Saharan Africa, where the problems that we identified in Kenya are all too common. Once this is achieved, our vision will extend to Asia and elsewhere.”

When kits are provided to the girls, it is at no cost to the family. OUR cost? Only $25 for the YEAR. What does each girl get for our small donation?

Each Kit comes packaged in a drawstring bag that doubles as a backpack, and includes:

    • Eight reusable sanitary napkins
    • Three pairs of underwear
    • Soap to wash the sanitary napkins
    • Waterproof bag to safely store used sanitary napkins
    • Educational insert featuring information on proper sanitary napkin usage, and HIV/AIDS prevention
    • Various other items [as suitable]

However, if you’re uncomfortable donating $25.00, or if you’re interested in doing more there is another way to help! 

The o.b. Brand has joined with Huru International to form the Share It Forward program. o.b. hopes to raise $25,000 for Huru International to give 1,000 Huru Kits. It is simple to help! “Like” the mighty.small.movement Facebook page and click o.b. Outreach along the side. It should be the default page that loads when you first visit. Select your state from the drop down box, accept the Terms and Conditions, and share the message. For every person who does this, o.b. will donate $1 toward the cause.

I don’t know about you all, but I have nearly 500 FB friends, so if each of them took a few moments to do this it would result in $500 for Huru or 20 Huru Kits. It may not sound like much, but imagine allowing enough girls to form an entire classroom the chance to finish school. The chance to work & feed their families. It’s a snowball effect too. Think of all the other lives their advancement will influence too. It’s not just the girls’ we’re helping, it is the whole community. It is the world as a whole.

Also for those interested…yes, I did the FB procedure and I donated directly for 1 kit.

*The o.b.® Brand will make a minimum donation of $10,000 to Huru® International, and an additional $1 per consumer who shares the message about Huru®, up to $25,000. Donation not valid for consumers living in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Limited to one share per consumer.

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