Hanging Out @ Bills Badass 50K

Yesterday I was not able to attend  run, what would have been my 3rd 50K. Since getting the news Friday that my EKG was abnormal I’ve gone through a range of emotions. Initially I was worried sick something serious may be wrong with my heart. A few people calmed me down and convinced me I would be OK. My Mom called to tell me her EKG is baseline abnormal as is a lot of people’s and I will probably be fine. I did some more research and it would seem my results indicate poor circulation, which I already knew about. Still, I go Monday for follow up and appointments for more testing. Because neither I nor the interwebs are cardiologists.

While thinking I was dying I became quite saddened at the idea of never being allowed to run again. Sure, I’ve done it in the past, but what if I was always a ticking bomb waiting to go off? I take it for granted. I lay around the house griping about this that and the other. The scale doesn’t budge (higher) so I think I’m fine, despite how my face looks fat in all pictures lately. Hmmpf. The onset of winter and sweaters and courdory pants is not helping with motivation either! Luckily I have found a possible new passion in kickboxing for the winter season. Sure I could attend the free classes from work…and I will give them a chance…but free or otherwise it’s not doing me any good if I don’t attend!

Now as I know I’ll be fine I am annoyed beyond reason I couldn’t run! (Doctor’s orders). What they actually said was running would be at my own risk, they could not condone it. If I felt funny at all I was to immediately go to the ER, not jut stop, but go to the ER. Same for if I felt funny at any other part of the day. I spent most of Friday and Saturday worried about every breath I took. Despite this I still managed to rake my front yard for 30 minutes. The backyard is a mess and a half.

At any rate…moving on to spending time at the race.

The guy who took over my bib number? He won the WHOLE race! I changed history folks!

After picking Emme up from the groomer’s we went to the race site around 12:45 to cheer people in as they finished. Many of my friends were already done by the time I arrived (sorry kids).

Here are a few shots of the people I was able to see.

Me & the lovely Emme
Katie, friend and Team Marathon member
Gale Lee coming in to finish, LOVE this shot of Lee
Great picture of the ultra runner Gale
Tap, making it look easy
Kali, finishing her FIRST ultra distance!
Official time keeping device of badasses
Emme passed out before we left the parking lot
All in all it was a great day. BEAUTIFUL weather and no one made fun of me (which I was worried about). I  have run the loop of this course many many times, so I knew what they were facing with the 6 loops of 5 miles. It’s a local event, put on by two running enthusiasts, it’s totally free, but donations are accepted and appreciated. Everyone is a volunteer, all food/drink is donated. Very low key, with around 100 runners. If you finish you are given your shirt with the logo pictures above. Women and Male sizing. What I didn’t know was the final hill. Across the street is a hill which looks like it goes straight up for half a mile. Runners (after 30 miles) take this hill up and back down to complete the distance. I wouldn’t want to do that thing just once let alone after 30 miles! People came in after loop 6 all smiles and perky. They came back from that hill with the fear of god in their eyes. Too precious. I really hope I can do it next year…more than that I hope I am in better shape so if the weather doesn’t cooperate I can at least be done quicker! Beggars can’t be choosers though.

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