Guinea Pig

I had some very cool things planned out for today, however the weather did not cooperate. Boo. I did go to kickboxing though. The instructor asked if I was ever a gymnast because I show great flexibility. Right. I told her she’s the first person to tell me I have anything other than horrid flexibility. Whatever the case may be though…I am pleased to be doing well in class and having a great time. Balance and core be damned.

So what’s with the title? Well here is a little known advantage of running groups….or maybe it’s a widely known advantage. They share their spoils with you!

Yesterday, a woman posted about a research study opportunity. A local place is looking for individuals 18-40 who are marathon runners. If you pass the physical and have a proper V02 Max then you will be permitted to do the study. 6 visits where they poke and prod you (blood work and urine at each visit) you run on the treadmill for various miles, up to 20 total in one session. Apparently they are studying water vs Gatorade. I’ll let you know if I do qualify and from that point on what the other details are…as much as I’d be legally allowed to disclose. It’s really good $$ too, enough to make me wonder what the catch is…will I be testing some new inject-able Gatorade? Do I run the risk of kidney failure? I won’t do anything too dangerous ya know.

** side note, after I typed this I received a call from one of the screeners. I will be going this Friday for my physical and initial information. Do you know what the catch is? Apparently at some point they are going to do a muscle biopsy. He says it’s similar to banging your shin, pain but not unbearable. I’ll hurt for about 5 minutes and the sample is the size of a rice crispy. Hmmm.

At any rate…wish me luck on making myself a guinea pig in the name of advancing our sport.


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