Friday Food : Veteran’s Day Bagel Flag

One of the objectives of Friday Food is to give ideas for cute fun food projects, which are also inexpensive. I’m trying to show people how to have fun on a budget while getting comfortable in the kitchen.

I made the following items for my coworkers Thursday morning. We have today off (don’t hate) which is why it was done a day before the holiday. Every recipe I searched involved blueberries or strawberries and let me tell you something…not currently seasonal in NE Ohio! I didn’t want to just make a cake or do cupcakes, so I came up with the following idea all by myself. Aren’t you proud?

I bought the bag of mini bagels for about $4.50, the food coloring was also about $4.50 and the cream cheese was on sale for $1.50.

Veteran’s Day Bagel Flag

What you will need:

  • appx 1 dozen bagels (you can use mini or full sized, I went with mini)
  • food coloring (at least red & blue)
  • cream cheese

For my project I used 10 of the mini bagels. I laid them out in a rectangle of 4 rows and 5 columns. I spread the regular cream cheese on the full bottom row of bagels and on three of the second row.

Next I mixed red food coloring into a portion of the cream cheese (if you have the money you can always just buy strawberry cream cheese).

I then spread the red cream cheese on the full third row of bagels and three of the first row.

I mixed more cream cheese, this time using the blue dye.

Using what was left I spread the mix onto the remaining four bagels in the upper corner.

Ta-Da! A quick and easy bagel flag, taking about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Of course if you can’t display them as a flag, just pile them up and they’re still colorful! This also saves you from needing to know how many of each color you created.

Some people will probably want to try variations, such as flavored bagels, flavored cream cheeses or (gasp) actually toasting the things! To each their own, but this was the down and dirty version, feel free to add as many extras and complications as you see fit.

On a final note….thank you to all the men and women who have served over the years! You deserve so much more than red, white & blue food for a day.

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