Friday Food : Turkey Popcorn Balls

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday full or food, fitness and/or fun!

Today I am going to show you how to make Turkey Popcorn Balls

Yesterday I brought this fun and crafty snack to our family dinner and they were a huge hit! Everyone wanted to know where I got the idea, what they were made from and when they could eat one! To answer some of those questions

1) I came up with the idea myself. Truly, 100% my own idea.

2) The bodies are popcorn balls, the heads are doughnut holes, the waddle is a piece of Swedish fish, the eyes are mini chocolate chips and the tail is two pretzels.

To make the popcorn balls you need the following.  Increase the amount for more balls or larger “bodies”. You can see in the image mine made 1 dozen small turkeys. They are hanging out in a muffin tin since the heads were a tad too heavy for the small bodies, I would suggest increasing the size to try and stabilize the weight.


1/2 c. sugar
1/2 sticks butter
1/4 c. white Karo syrup
1/3 tsp. vanilla
1 bag instant popcorn *


Heat sugar, butter and Karo syrup in a sauce pan on medium heat until a slight boil. Stir in vanilla. Pour over 3-4 cups of prepared popcorn. * You will have left over popcorn if you do not increase the rest of the recipe.

Now, form the mixture into balls and place on wax paper. It may help to run your hands under cold water in between balls. Do not let the mixture cool too greatly or it will not easily form. I found I needed to squeeze a little to get the ball to form, not just scooping or rolling.

Now to decorate the turkeys you may feel free to use your own ideas, but here is how I made mine.


Mini Chocolate Chips
Swedish Fish
Doughnut Holes


To attach the “tail” use the left over sticky mixture from the popcorn balls. I found I needed to occasionally reheat the leftovers as they began to harden.

Prepare the “waddle” for your turkeys. Take the Swedish fish and stretch them out. Place a piece on a toothpick. You may need to break the tooth picks depending on how large you make your turkeys. Insert the other end of the tooth pick into a doughnut hole to attach the “waddle” to the “head”.

Take the mini chocolate chips and gently press two into the doughnuts to create “eyes”.

Now, using the toothpicks, place the stick into the ball leaving a portion exposed for placing the “head”.

Once the head is placed you will have wonderful sweet and salty Thanksgiving treats!

My images are a bit out of order, since I was testing things as I went and found what worked and what didn’t. The eyes were a secondary addition, as was the syrup tails. Originally I tried peanut butter, but the pretzels were too heavy. I also decided to reduce the size of the Swedish fish, at first using a whole, but the size was off and it was so heavy it pulled the toothpick from the doughnut hole.

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