Fall Hiking Spree for Dogs

Sunday was a great day!

I joined my sister for a delicious and oh so not nutritious breakfast at IHOP. We both had our own sausage, eggs and hashbrowns, but we split two kinds of pancakes. She ordered the egg nog, while I had the white chocolate chip mint. Both were Ah-MA-zing.

After we headed over to a Metro Park local to her neck of the woods for the Fall Hiking Spree for Dogs. Apparently this is an event held the second Sunday in November every year. Our family has been doing the hikes since 2000 and we never knew of this day! We’ve had the dogs for 3 years too! They already go on all the hikes with us and I have probably mentioned before how I think they should be rewarded too. I guess someone already thought of that and made it a reality.

Because I am so awesome and think I know everything I told my sister she was going the wrong way to the event. She says she used the address on Facebook and I told her she was crazy. OK not really, I told her to follow the posted signs. We arrived 10-15 minutes late and a volunteer was walking through the parking lot. We asked how to get to the dog event and she said we were there. The three of us started on our way after she was kind enough to snap a picture of our happy little group.

Along the way I took a few shots while we were walking. The woman and Becky had a nice conversation, I mostly enjoyed being outside. I did notice when she spoke about her husband running ultra distance races and how gross his feet look after.

The thing about this trail is nearly half way through it cuts through another parking lot. When we got to this point there was a tent set up and a few other dogs. It turns out that was the proper parking lot, the one her GPS was sending us to and I’m a jerk. Luckily our mishap landed us there in time to secure the dogs their “completion” gifts. A collapsible water bowl for keeping in the car. MUCH better than a cookie or a sticker.

After the half way mark we ran into a lot more dogs. Emme took a dip in a freezing stream. She walked on her two front feet for a few paces. I didn’t tell her to do it…I told her not to waste my money having her groomed the day before! However she was thirsty and clumsy. Not really, I just kept her on a short leash and she lost her footing on some rocks. I wish I had a picture of her expression when she hit the water!



All in all it was a fun little outing for everyone. I’m glad I was able to take the time to go see her this weekend.


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