Exercising, flu shots and Halloween

Last week I tried a new (old) sport. I have tried kickboxing a few times over the many years of schooling and I never hated it, but I never liked it either. Why on earth I fathomed I could like it out in the public sector I will never know. I do know I bought the groupon for ½ off a month unlimited classes back in April. I probably figured I would actually be in shape after the summer’s 50K. Ha. So, last Monday I took myself in and played along with the class, I should note that this wasn’t a normal kickboxing class…it was cardio kickboxing.
Funny thing…I had FUN. It was the most fun I’ve had at a class in a long long time. We start out stretching, then do cycles of moves with the bag and for pure cardio. The music has  a beep that goes off every 15 seconds. 1 partner will do the moves (right hook, left roundhouse, whatever) then the next will go and after a few minutes everyone gathers away from the bag to cycle through jumping jacks, imitated jump rope or something similar. At the end of the class we gather these giant body bag things and use them to weight ourselves or hook ourselves to do various sit ups and plank type moves. I didn’t feel overly self-aware and I tried not to care what others were doing too much. Of course the next day I literally could not stand up straight. I was forced to slouch for 3 days! My abs were so sore I assumed I tore something. I couldn’t breathe or laugh!  Sadly this caused me to miss the other classes that week.Sunday I set out for a run with Gale and Stephe. We headed over to what will be the six loops course of the 50K in a few weeks. Ugg. They had already done a loop when I met up with them, with plans to do more once I left. I wasn’t feeling it for more than 5 miles, especially with the sore abs from my new fun time class. The loop went by really quickly for me and I was sad when I learned it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes! Yikes! I was down to under an hour over the summer on that course. Then again over the summer the course wasn’t covered in ankle deep mud, down trees and icy/slippery leaves. I heard later they completed 4 loops for a total of 20 miles! Go them! I was tired and hungry after 1 loop and didn’t feel like overworking myself as I had a very important Halloween party to attend that evening.

This Monday I was sick so I missed Cardio Kickboxing again. I mean snot coming out of everywhere, let me drink syrup and pop pills holy tissue sick.

I blame the sickness on the flu “shot” I received Friday at work…although it was more than likely from all the new people at my new job, my sick mother or the tons of people I was around at my three Halloween parties. I say “shot” because it was the nasal spray. And the only reason I got one was because I was tricked! No, seriously! I was standing there asking questions about it, when all of a sudden they sprayed it up my nose! I was like WHOA.  Now before anyone totally spazes out, while talking to the nurses they asked about my allergies and history. I thought they were going to give me a referral since I didn’t want the shot, I was FINE with them giving me the spray, I just didn’t know it was happening.

Here are a few picture ops from Friday and Saturday night.

For Halloween I dressed up as Cruella De Ville, which I have to give props to my friend Chanel of The Fashion Guru Zine for giving me the idea with her real life Disney post! Everyone loved my outfit and at the Saturday party I won overall best costume. Originally I was just going to wear my own black skirt, then I was going to dye a dress. When I went to the store to buy dye I decided for the same price I can buy a “good enough” dress at the thrift store! While there I found the PERFECT dress for 4 bucks. I also spotted a little girl in the most PERFECT white fur coat! Oh if only! But wait…what’s this….she’s being told to put it back?! So I stalked a small child and probably looked like a creeper to get this coat. Only I didn’t want to get arrested so I kept my distance. When she put it back, before I could get to it a group of frat boys picked it up saying it was a perfect pimp coat. I was crushed! Of course I didn’t mind following them around like a creeper. Finally after passing it through 3 or 4 different friends, each saying they wanted it then passing, it was placed on a rack. Quickly I swooped in and grabbed it. Victory was mine! Mind it was a 20 dollar victory, but it was too good to be true! FAKE fur of course people! Add a pair of red satin gloves and my wig and I was set!

Side bar about the wig. I originally sprayed my hair, however it looked like total crap. So after party #1 I swung into Wal-Mart for a wig. It was a Halloween miracle when I found the one I wanted for 5 bucks among the few remaining odds and ends. People were staring at me in the store. I guess people don’t normally wear fur and satin gloves. Ha. I’m gonna end up on People of Wal-Mart!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you are feeling better now?

    Your Cruella costume was AWESOME!! I saw the photos on facebook and was kind of freaking out. You did a fantastic job with it!

    I'm glad to see you had a fun Halloween! xoxo

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