Enjoying life’s strawberries

There was a story shared in group session this week I wanted to pass on to all of you.

Now I in no way wrote this or lay claim to it, not does my coworker. So if you recognize it, I am sorry it’s not properly cited, but I’m sharing it as simply something I overheard.

There once was a young man walking through the fields.

As he was walking he noticed a lion was starting to follow him and he grew concerned, but kept on walking.

Soon, he noticed an entire pride of lions was following him.

Now the pride began to not only follow, but chase the man along his journey.

As he ran to keep ahead of the lions he found himself at the edge of a steep, rocky cliff.

Not knowing what else to do, he jumped from the cliff, holding on to a vine.

While hanging from the vine, looking at the rocks below and seeing the lions circling above he noticed a new problem…a tiny mouse was gnawing at the vine.

Entirely distraught and without an inkling of how to turn his situation around he knew he was facing death.

It was then the man noticed a strawberry bush growing along the rocky edge.

In his last moments, he plucked the strawberries and began to chew.

When faced with troubles do we do all we can to remedy the situation? Even when our trouble keep growing in number or severity, do we keep fighting? When all we can do has been done and it still seems like an impossible feat, do we give up? Complain? Wait for the inevitable? Do we enjoy the strawberries life has placed before us though, even as the worst is looming?

One thought on “Enjoying life’s strawberries

  1. Our guy should have fed the strawberries to the mouse, capture the mouse the throw it to the lions who, actually will instinctively chase the small creature leaving him to escape.

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