Election Day

Today is election day and people across the nation are using their power to send a message to those in charge. In theory this is one of the beauties of America. In reality it is one of our greatest hiccups.

Everyone and I do mean everyone deserves a chance to vote, they also deserve a chance for an educated vote. Last night on Facebook I read a post by a friend looking for information on local issues. She stated how frustrated she was with the lack of info for her area in the paper and on-line and what she could find on-line was blocked by a pay source. I fully agree with her that is not fair. Much how we get free papers on Thanksgiving to feed us 4 pounds of ads (not kidding, that is how much the Akron Beacon Journal will weigh this year) we should receive a free paper the night before elections with a summary of information and a source for more details if needed. Even a phone # if not a web-based source.

Time and time again I also hear horror stories of people who want to vote and need to vote, but they work too many jobs or such long hours they can’t reach the polls. Sure it may be required to provide this time, much like sick time is required. In practice though, we all know there are jobs where security will be at risk if someone asks for adjustments or “favors”. It makes me mad.

What gets me more upset? Those who are capable of being informed, of taking the time to get to a poll, but do not. I understand freedom to refrain from a vote, but I also have the freedom to say “Seriously?” Take the time to take your butt in there. Vote Mayor McCheese for everyone if you want, but don’t let a basic American freedom die out. It may not be perfect, but it won’t fix itself either.

On a final and personal note for this myself and Ohio…please consider a “No” vote on issue 2. There are pluses and minuses for Senate Bill 5 and I will admit I like and dislike aspects of it. It’s too compound of a bill. It needs to be broken down (IMHO). For a personal example, I hate when I have worked jobs with a union, I opted out and they charged me! SB 5 says they can’t do that anymore. At the same time, I do not support taking away the right to collective bargain…whatever the case may be. As far as public employees complaining about their $ and benefits, I can only speak on where I am currently. Do I make “good money” by counseling standards YES by real life standards of someone with an advanced degree NO. Are my benefits good? Perhaps. They cover me if I get hit by a bus, but I still have a copay and I still have monthly payments and it’s for a single person. I saw what a family costs and it’s insane.

My plea would be the following…don’t punish the public service employee for having “decent” benefits, they only seem “good” because health care has gone down the crapper. Instead of asking them to give up what little good they have going, write to your leaders, write to your companies and demand better coverage for yourselves. Bringing everyone else down isn’t going to solve anything, let’s not cut off our noses to spite our faces.

That is all

One thought on “Election Day

  1. Amen.

    I couldn't agree more. When I was a reporter, I was lucky enough to work in a field where it was required of us to know what was going on and we were forced to vote on election days. But I've noticed other educated people my age just not giving a damn about local issues. They'll vote for president and that's the end of their civic duty.

    I also agree there needs to be more publicity (for lack of a better word) for local issues. There needs to be a way of getting this information across to younger voters, which is easy for them to access and not hard to understand…

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