Displaying medals

I’ve struggled with ways to display my medals over the years, and as more and more events are under my belt I am faced with updating my ideas. A typical metal design hanger only holds around 10-20 medals. I would need several of those to hold all of mine, and I’d still have to figure out the trophy situation.

I suppose some people would argue not to display anything that isn’t a “place” or perhaps a marathon.

While the medals for the 10-milers don’t seem as impressive as the one for the 50K or the 21 I have for half marathons…I still love them.

Thanks to my friend Brittany I found a solution!

It isn’t everything, but it’s most of them. Need to find the rest and my other stickers. Nothing too fancy, but they’re all together and I can easily decorate the board/wall around them.

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