Browns Win!

Yesterday, I went over to my Mom’s after cleaning my place and watching some TV. I caught episode 4 of Pan Am, yes I am hella far behind. I loved it from the pilot, helloooo Christina Ricci?!?! But for some reason allowed it to back up in my queue. WHY I did that I don’t know because that show is fabulous.

I also fixed my outlet…sorta. My microwave decided to stop working. Huh? I checked the outlet with other appliances…nothing. So I travel downstairs and check the fuse box. Everything in order. HUH. Eventually I decided “oh screw it” since nothing is labeled in the box anyway and I unplug important items (computer) and I flip all my fuses off and back on again. I walk back upstairs and the outlet works. Here is hoping this doesn’t become a routine occurrence.

Mom’s didn’t have food, but she does have laundry services. I was also dropping off Emily since I was to get up early on Sunday and be out all day.

While there Mom and Becky made Scrabble…which I believe other people call party chex mix or something? It’s made with pretzels, butter, various chex mix and peanuts. Since she had the supplies for other treats I decided to try my hand at some cute breakfast looking candies and was pleasantly surprised. I call them “Sunny-side ups”. I found them through Pinterest, but this was before I knew I should credit and save pins I discover.

You start with white chocolate chips, pretzel sticks and M&Ms.

Melt the chips just enough to make them blend and soft, not enough to make them overly runny.

Place a blob (technical terms) of white chocolate on the wax paper. Next place a M&M in the blob, making sure to place it logo side down.Finally break a pretzel stick into the length you want and place two on the other side of the chocolate.

Ta-Da, bacon & egg candied treat! Super fun and easy to make. Wonderful to eat. If you’re not a dog.

This morning I woke up and my sinus issue had become a throat and chest issue. Back to bed I went, saddened I was missing the Fall Classic, but knowing I shouldn’t push myself.

Shortly after I woke up anyway to drive up to Brian’s to meet him for the Browns Game. I was sick, but not too sick to go to my once a year game!

Unfortunately, I forgot my phone in the car, so I don’t have any pictures to share. I am pleased to have seen a rare win. And I was able to watch my man Massaquoi do his thing!

On the way home we bought Chinese…I was excited for that and I stopped to pick up Emme and Mom gave me more food. Score! I acquired ham salad, ground beef and sloppy joe mix. Hey there’s several meals right there.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

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