Blog or Website?

I’ve thought about this a lot lately and as I am trying to be a good participant in NaBloPoMo both in writing and visiting, it’s been brought up again.

Do we have blogs or websites?

According to

A Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.
Web site 
Computers. a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics.

Essentially a blog is a specific type of web site. I can agree, but to me it’s also a little more. As I visit various people’s blogs I see there are some with more, um “effort” than others? And that’s totally fine! I’m not saying one style is better than another. I do wonder though, if others see the differences.

Here’s what I think. I think the more like a diary or journal your blog is, the more it’s a blog. If there is only one page to it, and it’s basically your daily thoughts on a topic, it’s a blog. However. When you have multiple pages of information and you are constantly streaming links or sources and you have a lot of interactive pieces to what you post…then I think it’s more of a website.

I tell people I run a fitness site. When they ask for details I tell them it’s both a blog of my lifestyle as well as a source for the community. When I previously would say “blog” and that is all, no one asked for more details. In fact many people were ignorant to it and wondered if I was too old for an online diary or sorts. Still on my business cards for ROJ it reads “blogger”, because I am proud to hold that title and not simply “web designer”. Perhaps some people will say it isn’t fair to use title as I please, but I say I’m never lying and it’s all politics in the end.

What do you all think?

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