Black Friday and HBBC

I went shopping yesterday. It happens every year. One of these years I am going to be the little girl in this card:

Until then I hope and pray someone in my life has the time and finances to come out and play with me. It hasn’t happened in a long long time. The sis and I used to get up at all hours of the morning, it was so much fun. We’d set our phones to do the “wake up call” from various stores or characters. We’d have our list and backup list and plotted routes. At first I would drop her off to go get inside while I looked for parking, when she was able to drive it helped move things along. Then sadly, we got older and things required our time and money. I still go out, but more often than not I go out in the later morning and in hopes of getting a sale, but not a door-buster.

Fri I woke up around 8? Decided I should wonder over to Kohl’s just to get a few pairs of pants for work. They didn’t have my size so I wondered over to Target to get a TV stand. I almost bought one too, then I realized it was a mounted TV stand and I really want the ability to swivel. I left empty handed from there as well.

As I was leaving I remembered something about Office Depot having a TV sale. I went in and couldn’t find it. Then while looking at the planners I noticed them in the main aisle. Haha. Unfortunately, a woman bought the last one! I asked the guy about them and he told me they were 40″ 1080p and 120hz. I wanted that 120hz so badly! I decided to go to the OD by the mall just to check, besides if they didn’t have it I was going to Best Buy and getting a TV anyway.

To Office Depot I went, and they DID have them in stock! Only this location told me it was only 60hz refresh rate. Ugg WHICH is it? The box didn’t say. Well, I decided for almost 400 dollars I could get something similar at Best Buy and across the street I traveled.

From the time I walked into BB to check out let’s just fast forward about 2 hours and let’s not judge me. It took me forever to find a TV with the specs I wanted.

  • 40″ or more
  • 1080p
  • 120HZ
  • As near “a certain price” as possible. (This was a graduation gift, and out of respect for my Mom I won’t reveal the value).

Once I found TVs in that range I realized not all pictures are created equal. I fell in love with SHARP and SAMSUNG. There was NO WAY I could afford a SHARP unless I went with a very small screen. I also questioned the SAMSUNG at times. I had it narrowed down to 3 different Sam’s. A 40″ and 2 46″. One of the 46″ didn’t have a PC outlet, any USBs and it only had 2 HDMI. THIS is why is was reasonably priced. The 40″ was decked out, but it was “only” 40 inches. The other 46″ was decked out too. 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 PC and everything else I wanted…oh and it’s a smart TV. Why didn’t I go with the 40″? Well, for about $150 I was able to get an extra 6 inches. (TWSS)

The 46″ was $400 off the original price, so with the money Mom was giving me also taken off, I couldn’t pass it up. I have to pay the rest of it, but because of the original price I qualified for 36 month zero interest financing. I couldn’t pass it up!

So home my new baby came. Where she is hooked up to my XBOX and I watched copious amounts of HULU once I set up wireless internet in my house. An adventure in and of itself. Go me. The TV shows are so magnificent. It was like watching home movies. The definition made me want to cry. I can’t wait to play games. Anyone want to send me SKYRIM to review? Haha.

Did anyone else get an amazing deal on what they wanted?

Now for my weekly check-in with Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.

Between Nov 19 and Nov 25th I earned very few points. I didn’t eat my veggies and as I can’t shouldn’t run I barley earned working out points. That isn’t the point though! I did walk the dog and I did do the Turkey Trot. And it’s about staying active this season any way possible. I’ll have to up my game this week though.

Sat – 1/2 mile walked with dog 1/2 pt
Sun – 1/2 mile w/ dog 1/2 pt
Mon – 1 mile walk, 1 pt
Tue – 1 pt for another walk
Wed – zero points.
Thurs – 4 pts for 4 miles walked
Fri – 1 pt for all the walking I did while shopping. Ha.! It was a LOT. And walking the dog

Total 8. Little points.

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