22 months

For 22 months I was/am unable to enjoy a whole apple, carrots, taffy, chewing gum, caramel, popcorn and several other items.

Luckily on December 12, 2011 all of that will change.

By noon on that special, wonderful, magnificent day I will be braces free!

In less than a month I will have regular mouth, with shiny, straight teeth! A girl couldn’t be happier. The last thing of my former “in transition” life.


To everyone else…sorry about your luck. Maybe next lifetime!

L – Feb 2010.                                                                         R – Oct 2011

I can’t wait to show the after picture!! And, sigh, I must admit, now the end is in sight. Despite ALL the complaining I’ve done and how much it really did suck. I won’t lie it sucked hard core! It was worth it.

One thought on “22 months

  1. OMG the day I got my braces off was one of the best days of my life. It felt so awesome and was amazing. Talk to your orthodontist about putting a permanent retainer behind your bottom teeth if you think you will suck at wearing a retainer (which I did). My step-dad is an orthodontist and it totally saved my teeth from going back to how they were!

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