FitFluential Ambassador

I am THRILLED to announce on this final day of NationalBlogPostingMonth, I have been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador!

What’s FitFluential? Well, according to their homepage…

FitFluential is a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round. Fitfluential is Fitness Found.

What does that mean? It means I am joining the ranks of other influential fitness enthusiasts. Together we’ll promote an active lifestyle and the best brands to help you on your journey. I’ve always admired when other friends, bloggers or Team Marathon teammies were a part of this organization and now I am too.

Actually, I applied a few months back, never heard anything, and assumed acceptance for the year was over. The Twitter blew up with people being accepted and I was confused, so I applied again. In return I was sent the nicest email, saying there was an oversight and I should have been welcomed long ago! Phew here I was thinking I was nothing more than chopped liver! Ha!

In fact some of my favorite people on Twitter and as Bloggers are a part of FitFluential. Perhaps you’re familiar with some of them?

Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty
Amanda @ Run to the Finish. Home of the HBBC
Hank Hanna of @loosing100lbs fame on Twitter
Heather @ Running with Sass
Beth @ Shut Up And Run (SUAR)

If you have a chance, stop of over to their website, Facebook or Twitter account and give them a follow. There are ambassadors in just about every state, and they’re always looking to expand their team, maybe YOU could be next?!

PS. Don’t forget about the awesome ornament exchange I am hosting!

Tuesday Temper Tantrum?

I am tired, but having fun. I am in the process of creating two different batches of chili for my work’s cook-off tomorrow.

One type is “Sweet & Smoky 3 Meat Chili” it’s something I am creating totally on my own and time will tell if anyone enjoys it or not. The second is “Sweet Potato Chili” a mesh of recipes I’ve seen around when simply doing a Google Search for the same title. At first I was worried because I almost bought yams by mistake, then it wasn’t boiling down and making the s.potatoes soft!! Yikes. Rest assured, hours later I figured it out and it’s simmering on my stove as we speak. Next to a skillet of bacon for the final meat of my special baby. Oy.

My back hurts, I wish I had someone here to massage it for me. But then I’d feel too happy and my house would burn down because I wouldn’t finish my project.

Let’s face facts shall we? I spent how much money to create batches of chili other people will eat without paying me (fundraiser) with the hopes of maybe wining a $50 gift certificate? I’m crazy. Good thing I work with a bunch of therapists.

Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo, aren’t you happy there won’t be daily posts? I’m actually a tad sad, I enjoyed blogging just for the sake of it. My readership numbers jumped a lot, too bad the interactive level didn’t increase. I love making new friends. ( ;

OK back to the kitchen I go.

I can’t express enough how much my new kitchen island is amazing! It’s cutting board on top. How cool is that??

Holiday Ornament Exchange

Welcome back from your food comas!

I know many of us are already taking part in a few exchanges. There’s the 2nd annual holiday blogger gift exchange from Jill at Run with Jill. And there is also the sock swap from Courtney at Third Time’s A Charm Runner. If neither of those strike your fancy, or if you simply love getting and giving gifts I am hosting one of my own.

Introducing the Holiday Ornament Exchange!

After doing a Google search, I was saddened to find most exchanges have already closed their virtual doors to new participants. Yes, it is getting nearer to the season, but many people put off holiday shopping and talking until after Thanksgiving. In honor of those people I want to give a chance to kick start your excitement, while still having a chance to hang your gift on your tree if you so see fit.

The guidelines are simple.

  1. Leave me a comment or send me a message (JULIE@ROJRUNNING.COM) with your name & email, letting me know you’re interested. It doesn’t matter if 2 or 200 people sign up, everyone will be assigned a partner.
  2. If you want, feel free to leave details such as favorite color, interests, theme of your decorations, etc.
  3. I am willing to allow US and Canadian sign ups, please feel free to indicate if you would prefer to ship w/in your own country.
  4. Spending cap is $10 US. If you feel the need to spend more, I can’t stop you, but please do not get upset if in return you get something less than what you spent. Also please do not send the cheapest gift you can find in hopes of getting one better…it’s your reputation after all.
  5. That being said…be creative! If you have a talent for hand crafting, make some decorations. If you see a deal on a cute set, scoop it up!
  6. Spread the word! We want to make this as much of a success as possible.
  7. When you get your package, show it off! Take pictures and post to your blog with a link back. Leave a comment letting me know it’s up, I’ll create a post showcasing everyone’s exchanges.
  8. Finally, please let me know by Dec 4th if you want to take part. I will be swapping names on the 5th, please try to get your items out by the 10th. If you come across this post after the 5th, and you know you can shop and ship by the 10th, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I may have left out a detail you’re dying to know.

Ps. You do not need a blog to take part in this exchange, but if your partner has one, please take a moment to stop over and read/comment. I would also ask you send me a picture via email when your ornament arrives so I can share it with everyone still.

Happy Holidays!

Feel free to scoop up this image for the link back. And post it to your sidebar if you have one.