Special Weekend

Yes, this was a special weekend indeed, for you see it was the final weekend where I didn’t have to care that it’s the weekend. This time next week I won’t be sitting on my couch in fleece pants, unwashed hair and listening to the chime of 11:00 am. No, instead I will sitting in an awkward office or conference space learning the ins and outs of my new agency and filling out mountains of paperwork. The Monday after THAT though, hopefully I’ll be doing some counseling.

How did I spend my special weekend? I wish I could say doing something fun and fabulous…but those inklings have long since faded along with my discretionary income. I find it strange how much I’m nervous about this new job. Jobs aren’t a life sentence to jail (I will be off within the light of day, more than some can say in NE Ohio) I will have my weekends and I will have 12 holidays a year or something to that effect. Paid holidays are the best things ever invented. You can bet when I’m freezing outside of the stores this Black Friday I won’t forget I’m earning the Benjamins.

Anyway…highlights from this weekend include…

1. A tree fell over in my front yard. This is the funniest thing to happen in the longest time. Why is this so funny? Because my Mom has been telling anyone and everyone the tree in our yard is dead and needs to be removed. She kept saying for months “One day that thing is going to fall over”. We all thought she was just being overly sensitive or paranoid. So, when Emme and I were lounging around, watching Desperate Housewives and we heard what sounded like a flock of birds smash into the door, she freaked and I kept watching my episode. A little while later, I took her outside to do her doggy business and I yelled “Holy Shiz” because we were blocked. The tree fell sideways across the porch and in front of the door. Luckily nothing and no one was hurt. Still, it’s pretty funny Mom was right, but not as funny as it is to me that a tree just got tired one day and fell over, stump and all.

2. I figured out what I want to be for Halloween. I highly enjoy the element of surprise when it comes to dressing up so I can’t make a final reveal yet…but trust me it’s in the works. It was hard to find something I liked and was within my budget. My friend and I agreed I’m still young enough to dress “trashy”, but I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me. Last year I almost didn’t dress up at all until I decided to be Bath Girl. It’s nothing nearly as random this time.

3. We celebrated my Mom’s bday. I gave her a new addition to her holiday village, a light up Lowe’s building with accessories.


Then on Saturday night, we went to see the musical Cabaret up in Cleveland. I was not previously familiar with the storyline, and only slightly familiar with the songs. It never appealed to me in the past, and ever since we went to A Chorus Line, Mom keeps saying I’m not allowed to go unless I know and like it already. Well, I was very pleased with this show. Not only did it have interesting musical numbers (although I would say they’re more visual than auditory in interest at parts), but it had a great back story. As many people know I find anything having to do with Europe and WWII and the time of Hitler and concentration camps to be an endless area of information. I’ve been fascinated with it my whole life. In middle school I entered a writing contest for the City of Akron’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and won a chance to attend the ceremony in downtown Akron. It’s only grown since then. My sister of course was/is horrified that “the Germans” could do such a thing. She doesn’t understand why someone didn’t just take out Hitler or say NO, “He’s just ONE man”. It’s a hard thing to explain. I know for me (who has been researching it for what, 15 years of my life?) I am always adding and adjusting my viewpoints of what happened. I almost wanted to say to her, “We’re at least 25% German and 0% Jewish, so you hate your ancestors”. Eh, moving on to nicer topics…

4. Emme got a new toy! I was at the store and saw it and couldn’t resist! She loves all things monkeys, ducks and soccer balls. Here she is with her newest love, the giant squeaky meeky (we call her toy soccer balls squeaky meekys – at least Mom does). She has the smaller version in her mouth, but trust me she’ll play fetch with the other…and it’s a riot to see her carry it around as it’s the size of her!

5. I competed in the area level contest for Toastmasters International, Table Topics speaking. I won the club contest a few weeks back and this was the next level. There were 4 speakers total and I drew the final slot. Which means I didn’t hear anyone I was up against, and this is good! I LOVE public speaking, no really I do! I just hate competing, because I hate rejection. My topic of the day was “Trick or Treat”. I had to speak for at least 1 minute, but no more than 2 with a grace of 3 seconds. Getting that topic was amazing, I smiled and easily spoke on the merits of Halloween and trick-or-treating, both for the young and young at heart. At the end of the morning (there was also a contest for humorous speakers) many people told me my speech was their favorite. Well, it wasn’t a favorite enough with the secret judges apparently, because I took second place. You may recall I did a similar contest back in the spring where I took 3rd at this level of competition for a serious speech and my evaluation skills, so this was a great compliment. The person I took second to has been in Toastmasters since 1958! Seriously! The troubling thing is, he wasn’t supposed to speak originally. He was filling in for a missing club member. He believes his time to shine has been long enough and prefers for the newer members to take their shots. With this logic, he checked if I would be available for the next level and when I said “Yes” he said he would be stepping down and I would be competing! VERY exciting news!

6. The final thing that makes this weekend so special? It may be the last weekend I live in this house with my Mom! Whoo-hoo! I should get the call later today on if I get the apartment or not. As long as my credit comes back strong, he says it’ll be mine. I have GREAT credit, so I’ll be fine. If all cleaning goes as planned I can start moving on Wednesday. Next weekend, I’ll be posting from the quiet seclusion of my own residence!

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