Sometimes it’s all about looks

This past weekend I did not run. I watched in horror as my Cardio Trainer icon dropped from silver to green to grey. There was little I could do. True I COULD work out and burn calories…but the idea of dislodging my dental implants and the hundreds or thousands of dollars and pain associated with that risk wasn’t winning over the idea of getting wider hips. Especially when the healing cap for the right side has already fallen out. Fun, right?

So as the rain continued to pour down in the Akron area, I tried to come up with something to do other than watching back to back to back Desperate Housewives episodes. Since I’m getting excited/nervous about the idea of moving into my new place and I’m starting to get the decorating bug Mom suggested I redo the kitchen chairs I inherited.

The chairs became mine from my great aunt after I stayed at her place a few years back when she was placed in a nursing home. I found out this weekend from my Grandma the chairs were actually my great-grandmothers. So I knew I couldn’t refinish them too much, they’re a true antique! All I did was put some foam on the seat and wrap them in new fabric, stapling the fabric in place underneath. If at any time the originals need to show through nothing was ripped or cut or dyed, just wrapped. So minimal damage to the original, minimal if you count staple holes as damage…the original fabric was also stapled so I don’t.

Sorry this is not a step by step or how to guide so I do not have tons of pictures. What I can show you are the highlights of what I did. The project began Saturday afternoon, after a trip to the fabric store with my Mom and Grandma, then to the hardware store for staples. I finished Sunday afternoon, because I needed to buy more staples and a new gun once it broke. (that story pending).

The original look of the seat
The seat after I recovered it (yes, I went back and fixed the corners)
Cat tested, cat approved!
Side by side of the new and old
An angled shot to show the added cushion

Along with the chair project on Sunday I also snuck away to Vertical Runner. See, last week SkirtSports was having a 50% off each day on a new product sale. I waited patiently all week hoping a dress would go on sale since I’ve wanted one for a long time. Finally it did! Unfortunately, it was only one color and it was a pink design. Boo. Still, I couldn’t pass up the offer. I was planning to go to the store to see what size I am before ordering. Well, while I was there I discovered they were having their own end of the season sale! Amazingly I found a dress there (from SkirtSports) in the right size and a better design! Super Score! So for less than I would have paid with shipping, I got one I liked more. Awesome, right? I also snagged up another skirt, the Racer Girl, in basic black. It has mesh and is a lighter fabric than my RunningSkirts version so I think I might like it better on hotter days and in basic black it will go with my various team kits. I will certainly review both as opportunity presents.

Racer Girl skirt…source
Kendall Daisy Wonder Girl Dress…source

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. I know many of you were stir crazy from tapering with upcoming marathons and ultras this coming weekend! How many of you out there have tried a dress or a skirt for running? I’ve heard from ultra people the dress is nice because it doesn’t ride up or chafe the way some stuff will when you use a waist pack for the longer distance.

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  1. No, never tried a running dress or skirt. I would be way too embarassed to run through the neighborhood wearing one of those.

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