Moving Day

Can you believe it? Are you sick of hearing about it? Well too bad and luckily…Today is moving day!! Eiiip. Mom and I have been moving since Friday as I mentioned, but now is the last of it all. What have we accomplished and why is it taking so long?

Friday: We moved a ton of boxes of my clothes, sheets, towels and other such items. We moved countless boxes of decorations and other basement type storage. Brittany came over and we chatted for a while before loading the truck (I hadn’t seen her in almost 10 years, so we’re allowed). We managed to get the computer desk, my lay-z-boy, a chair, my couch, the twin bed and my bike over with her help. OH Mom and I also moved my table and chairs, nearly all my dishes and a few storage pieces for the kitchen.

Friday night I went to my sister’s for the the Haunted House and taco fun. It was nice to see her friends, they have all been together since the single digit years so these other two girls are like other sisters to me. The HH wasn’t too scary, they were having a special where you could go through 2x for the same night. We decided once was enough. I got the impression from the way some halls looked and were sans monsters, maybe it was “everyone call off night” so they were doing the 2fer deal.

At the start the lady said “Don’t touch the monsters and the monsters won’t touch you”.

So I asked her “Can we touch each other?”

To which the girls laughed and the woman looked me like I was crazy and said “Do whatever you need to do”.

Saturday: In the morning I dressed and was out the door to Toastmasters. I wore my pink/black suit/dress with the suit jacket and on my way out the door I realized all my shoes were at my new place! So I had to race over there to get my heels. Sheesh. I don’t have pictures, because in all the chaos of trying to end the contest and start their officer meeting I didn’t have a chance to grab my camera. I was one of four area winner for the Table Topics contest. OK I was replacing a winner, I was 2nd place, and I think I let that get to me too much. I was also scattered from all the things happening in my life. I drew 4th speaker again. Ugg. And out into the hall we went. My topic was procrastination and while I gave a clean and functional speech, the entire time I felt disengaged from my audience and lacking spark. They only did places 1 & 2, not even participation certificates! I did not land either spot. It was disappointing, but all in all it’s been a fun time.

After the contest Mom and I moved more things to the house. This time we bought blinds so people wouldn’t creep around my windows. More clothes, pots & pans, all bathroom items. I was home packing more boxes when I realized it was time for my friend’s murder mystery party. So I quickly changes, leaving boxes half packed and shot out the door. The hand meatloaf was a large success! Not only did it look great, but it was yummy too. The MM game itself seemed to drag on for me. I think this is because few people really got “into” their character and some of the guests were confused until mostly through it anyway. She wants to do another in the spring with a smaller casts, I think that will be fun. Another friend of mine was there who recently moved too so we were sympathizing with each other on how much it sucks. When I got home Mom and I made another trip to my place in the dark. Ohhhhhh. She had put some more stuff up for me (awesome!). It’s crazy how one person can fill a 2 bedroom apartment + basement. I was worried about it being too small? I have NO IDEA where all my stuff went, but it’s in there and this place is still very roomy. Gawd I love it!! I could totally fit an L couch when I have the dollars and cents.

This brings us to today. What the crap could possibly be left? I have 2 dressers downstairs, my headboard and about 2 boxes of clothes and basement storage. I have probably about a box and a half of stuff scattered around the main floor (including my computer and XBOX). Upstairs I have my queen bed and main dresser, two book cases with books (wait no, one if all work books, they’re staying here until I’m settled into the office, no need to move them twice) and a few items remain in my closet. Like 1 small box worth. I need to figure out what to do with all the stuff on my walls. I don’t think my childhood posters need to come with me, but it’s so sad to tear them down. Oh well…I’m sick of this moving junk. I’m sore and le tired.

Tom should be here anywhere from 16 minutes ago to 14 minutes from now. He may bring some more of our guy friends with him for slave labor. Nooo I’m feeding them so it’s not that bad. Hopefully he does and we can hit it and quit it. Then I won’t be all stressed immediately before going to bed and working. After we move I have to go grocery shopping. Fun. I am also finishing laundry at Mom’s house.

Over the next week I will unpack and make import calls. Such as paying for my teeth, switching utilities, getting renter’s insurance and having internet set up.

Onward and upward!

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