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As many of you may or may not have heard…I am moving this weekend.

So what does that have to do with my title? Well, at 27 years young my Mom is essentially saying “I will throw you out”. She has been cracking herself up calling me Marvin K Mooney (the book character) saying “The time has come. The time is NOW. Marvin K Mooney, will you please go now”. And other such tidbits of warm fuzzys. **All images from a general Google search.

I laugh too, because I agree. It wasn’t my dream to be unemployed and living in her house this past birthday. It wasn’t my dream to still be in school at this point in my life. If things had been what I thought they were at 18, well I’d be married working at some hot shot business wearing power-suits.

I’m glad things worked out the way they did. Being a counselor may not pay well, but I never pictured myself a happy adult. I pictured myself stressed, and having lots of money to play with, but not happy. I figured that’s what being an adult was, responsibility and daily complaints. Yes, there will be bad days at the office, but to know the difference I could be making, not just in one person’s life but all the lives they touch. It’s OK to have to budget my groceries.

Back to the moving…I mentioned it before, but it is nearly official…the apartment/duplex is mine! Tonight I meet with my future landlord to go over the lease and acquire the keys to the kingdom. I couldn’t be more excited, well yes I could. If there was a such a thing as a fairy godmother who packs and unpacks all your stuff for you…then I’d be more excited.

What am I getting from my winning showcase? A NEW CAR. Haha Nope. I am getting (starting with the outside) a reasonably sized front yard with a few trees. A drive way that could comfortably fit 3 cars. A back yard that is HUGE and mostly fenced in. My side has a gate, the other side does not and it’s an open area. (Moving to the inside) I have on the main floor, a living room and a kitchen/dining area. I say “slash” but it’s not small at all. It’s a really big area where half is the cooking/prep area the other half is for my tables and chairs. Big enough to comfortably have my table set up with all 4 chairs and leaves in the table. Normally I’ll just have it set as a small table though since it’ll just be me and Em and she doesn’t need a chair. Living room I feel is a tad small, but really if it fits my TV, couch and chair (possibly desk) what else do I need? I AM bummed it’s probably too small for an L-couch, but that forces me to save $$. Taking the steps down you will find a half finished basement AKA Emily’s room. And the area for storage/laundry, yes I have washer/dryer hook ups. Taking the steps up you will find the bathroom, my master bedroom and a secondary bedroom. Not too shabby, huh?

Not to worry though, tomorrow’s Friday Food will be posted. And I have things planned for the next few days/the week, but I also have back up entries in case life gets too hectic. However I don’t know how long I’ll be without Internet after the weekend and I don’t know how much I want to use my new office as a personal blogging location.Will it take longer than a week to install? Let’s hope not!

My Mom and I have been busy packing and cleaning the house preparing for the move. Tomorrow we start moving things over that we can lift/carry. Mostly boxes and smaller furniture. As in the kitchen will be finished. LOL. I have a friend from HS I recently got back in touch with (she was in the service for a while) who is also a fellow runner! Woot! Who has offered to come up and help some too on Friday. That night I am going over to my sister’s for tacos and a trip to a haunted house *cue creepy sounds*

Sat morning I have a speech contest, followed by a Halloween/Murder Mystery party that afternoon & Evening. Friday Food actually will feature items I am making for this party.

Sunday is the “official” extravaganza. My BFF Tom is bringing his farm boy muscles and truck to help the cause. My sister is bringing her boyfriend and his giant van. I would think if all goes well and just the major heavy bulky stuff remains, somehow the 5 of us will get it into my place.

On a different note. Going through things has brought back many memories…and many sneezes. Darn you allergies and asthma! It’s interesting to suddenly flash back to various points in my life. Finding the silk I stained for JCL, that took me hours and I thought it was the greatest piece of art ever created…finding it stuffed on a shelf behind some boxes and near a drain pipe, badly discolored, faded and smelling of who knows what. The 2 million shirts from HS where I was involved with everything under the sun. I snapped pictures of a bunch of the shirts, and they were all donated. At one point they were such a strong part of my identity I couldn’t imagine parting with them. I don’t think I’ll ever forget my experiences though, and closets only hold so much. Sure I could ask Mom to hold on to some items, but really? When I do get my own house with my own storage I plan to have children, and then their memories they can’t bear to part with will be the priority.

I found clothes I forgot I owned. A size XL sweater, a sweater I thought was so beautiful and I had to have it…and even at XL it didn’t fit very well. To remember how far I’ve come with my weight. I won’t say health because I still have far to go, but to not be so hard on myself. Uniform upon uniform upon uniform. What to do with all those uniforms? Countless old toys, I already know those will be donated. I am keeping my giraffes and Beanie Babies, but all the other stuff? Headed to new homes with children that will love them. Did you learn anything from Toy Story 3?

Of course I will take pictures and I will be so glad to sit down and relax Sunday afternoon. Wish me luck (or something) let the games begin (or something).

How often have you moved? What’s your favorite part? Least favorite part? What’s the strangest thing you have ever found during a move?

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  1. Good luck with the move and transition, I really do love moving.. It's a sick thing of mine that I know other people hate. Moving and unpacking is my favorite!

  2. Good luck with the move! It sounds like your new place is awesome though. You're lucky!

    My advice: ask around FB and other social networking sites for free stuff. You'll be amazed how many appliances and furniture items you can get for free! When I moved out three years ago, I was shocked by how many of my coworkers, friends, and acquaintances had stuff (like couches, microwaves, etc) they didn't want, but simply stored!

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