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I’m not looking to do a redesign of my blog or anything, but I am wondering if there aren’t things I can add or tweak to make it better, hmm more interesting? Basically more fun for me and in return more fun for you as well. Yes, it’s fun to keep a blog, but as I will “only” be working and racing season has declined based on weather and cost, I need something other than “I used an elliptical today” to share.

My thoughts are this…I am intrigued by food and fashion posts. One thing I really need to know is this…would anyone be UN-interested in reading those things from me? Would you only want to know how to make super healthy food from a chef? Or how to piece together the latest from a professional shopper? Because truth be told, when I read those posts from some people I tune out. Personally, I am not a fashion model or a foodie. I am not super healthy or vegan or anything of the sort. I’m an average size girl with average taste and an average budget. I eat food that looks good when I want and without much extra considerations. The stuff I would post would simply just be little highlight to get to know me better or to maybe inspire you all in some way.

For example…I whine all the time about how hard it is to eat healthy, or I post reviews about McDonald’s oatmeal or Wendy’s fries and I am sent hate mail. How much better it is to make my own oats or make a smoothie from grass and nuts. OK OK I’m exaggerating, but I don’t live in a world where I want to do those things. I want to post ideas of what I eat and make during the week. Part of it will motivate me to make choices I’m not ashamed to share, part of it will possibly help others not feel like they’re failing too. I want to be honest, not an inspiration…if that makes sense?

So to kick things off. Yesterday, I ate a few reasonable items.

For lunch I made the following picture of deliciousness.

What you’re looking at is a cut up pork chop (center cut) and cut up beef liver along with a mix of Green Giant antioxidant blend veggies. Oh, and ketchup. I was feeling super hungry and wanted 2 chops, but only found 1 in the freezer, so I grabbed the piece of liver. I shuddered thinking about the last time I tried to make liver. Luckily this time I was more on top of things and didn’t over cook it. Much tastier, and of course the ketchup helped! Ha! It took 2 mins to defrost the chop, 3 mins to cook the veggies, 2 mins to defrost the liver and about 2-3 mins each on the foreman grill for the meat. The chops I cooked while the veggies were in the microwave. Basically in under 10 mins I had a wonderful lunch and I didn’t order it by number or with coupons.

Later I went to the grocery store and bought 2 weeks worth of food for 60 bucks. Woot sales and planning! I know! Me! The woman who easily can clear 300 a month at the grocer and still eat out and be “hungry” manged to get 14 days of food (lunch and dinner) for 60 bucks! I am beyond excited.

Based roughly on a recipe I googled, I made homemade mac and cheese. Score! I used whole wheat macaroni (bought a box for 1 dollar). For the cheese I used this Italian blend I found (4 types of cheese – all whites). I bought that for 2.99 on sale. The milk (Vit D) and butter and flour I had at home. I skipped the bread topping and baking part. I boiled the mac and made the sauce. Then poured all into a dish and TA-DA wonderful mac & cheese which probably wasn’t all that healthy but DANG was it yummy! With plenty for left overs. Which I think I will eat today with a piece of chicken.

Well there ya go! My explanation on foods I am eating. Let’s see how this goes.

4 thoughts on “Food and fashion

  1. I love your idea of branching out! My favorite food blogs are not done by “vegans” or “foodies.” They are real girls who eat real food. 🙂 So you'd be perfect!

    As for fashion, you know I'd love to see that here. Omg.

    When are you going to guest post for me?! 😉

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