600 calories

No that isn’t the caloric content of the delicious pumpkin & cream cheese muffins my Mom made and I have been inhaling. Or maybe it is? All I know is there are some things I will miss when I move out shortly.

600 calories is what I managed to burn today with my TWO forms of exercise. I know! Stop the presses! First, I decided to be a good puppy mommy and take Emme for a walk. Mind you this was my late afternoon plan, but when she started crying and pawing me I paused Hulu and drove us to the park. The plan was to do at least 1 mile, possibly 2 or 3 with repeating loops. While we were walking though I got a call from Tom inviting me to go biking since the weather wasn’t being a giant life suck. I agreed. At the end of the walk Em and I managed a lil over 1 mile, burning about 100 cals.

Tom picked me up and we went to his place for him to change. Which meant time with their house puppy. A huge sweetie and huge in general mix of some sort…Petey!

We drove over to the trail, which was actually only about 4 miles from my house. HA. We biked for a while and since I knew the area I was able to guesstimate our distance. (I was recording it too, but didn’t wanna keep pulling my phone from my jersey). We went about 7-8 miles, took a pic and headed home.

In the end we managed to ride a little over 14 miles, burning just over 500 cals.

It was an unexpected day of fitness and fun, but I am happy with the turn of events. Now if I can just keep in that spirit of things from now until….forever?

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