There will be cake

For those who missed the memo on FB and Twitter, yesterday was a very exciting day. You see, yesterday I accepted a job offer. After the interview a few weeks ago I fell IN LOVE with this job. It seems like everything I imagined I would want in a position and nothing where I went “I could learn to live with that”. My only fear was salary, since someone told me the pay wasn’t very good. Well needless to say that person was more wrong than I could have hoped.

Mom baked me a purple cake!

Basically anytime someone gives you a number and you say “Oh, that’s annual, right?” and they say “Um, no, it’s hourly” and laugh (all in good fun) you know you have landed a good job. Now, don’t get me wrong. I won’t be flying to Paris on the weekends or retiring at 30, but I also won’t be up at night wondering how I’ll pay the bills.

The pay is the difference between sacrifice and choices. Previously, I would have been forced to sacrifice just about everything to get by. Now, I will be able to pick and chose what I keep and what I put on pause for a few years. Anyone with student loans can tell you increased salary = higher monthly payments. So while it looks pretty on paper … I almost doubled what I owe the gov’t based on income.



I am in my field (counseling) doing what I love (substance use) with all ages. A person doesn’t go into this type of work for the paycheck and above and beyond all else I am thankful to be doing what I dreamed of doing for 3.5 years and to be able to (for now) stay close to my loved ones. My official start date is Oct 24th, so I have a few more weeks to actually relax and enjoy my time off (as opposed to stressing like a freak about the next time I’ll be relevant to the world).

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