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It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted a product review and I wanted to put this one out there for those of you who are still looking for ways to enhance your work out, or maybe those who are back in the swing of school and looking for ways to not die of fast food overload.

The website has a great FAQ section, but for simplicity’s sake I would like to at least share the first one with you right here, right now.

Q: What is Gotein™ protein?
A: The main ingredients in Gotein™ are Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate derived from cow’s milk. Whey protein is an exceptional source of essential amino acids that the human body requires on a daily basis. Whey protein isolate contains little or no fat, lactose or cholesterol. Whey protein is often referred to as the gold standard of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available and because it is absorbed into the body quickly and efficiently.

Over the summer several bloggers wrote about Gotein protein supplements and how easy and/or tasteful they were after a workout or on the go. Many were sent a trial package for free (they also live near the Colorado area, home of the Gotein company), but those of us who do not live close enough to beg for a free trial or to buy them in the store are in luck. You can (and I did) order a trial package of all three flavors. The catch? Please pay 3.00 s&h. This wasn’t a deterrent for me, and I’m glad it wasn’t because I found a fabulous new product. They also email discount codes every so often which makes re-ordering easy.

Quick reference cards, letter and packet, the “trial” package from Gotein

The above image shows most of what I was sent in the mail with my trail package. Most because the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors are obviously not pictured. The sample cards lists highlights of nutritional information for each flavor (protein, carbs, vitamins & minerals, calories) a 3-step guide on how to use it (pour, shake, go) and mine also had a sticker with a discount code for future ordering.

Basic facts

Vanilla:   17g protein.  5g carbs.  24 vitamins & minerals.  100 cals

Chocolate:  16g protein.  6g carbs.  24 v&m.  110 cals.

Strawberry:  17g protein.  6g carbs.  24 v&m.  110 cals.

My experiences

I used the vanilla flavor first. I simply took it along to a run one Thursday when I did a trail practice. It was the day I wanted to impress one of the guys so I didn’t take water with me. (Don’t ask). When I returned to my car I was looking forward to a sweet treat, hydration and added nutrient goodness. The packets (and people who have reviewed them) recommend drinking about 1/3 of the water bottle (standard 16.9oz) before mixing in the powder. Since I had also read some people thought it was thick and I had a 20oz water bottle, I stayed w/ the 1/3 thinking it would help thin out the mix. My first impression was “WOW that’s a lot of mix”. It seriously filled a huge portion of the water bottle. With my hands sweaty and swollen I also found it hard to pour the mix and ended up with half moistened powder all over my hands, shorts, car seat and parking lot. Once I drank it though, all was forgiven. It was similar to a shake, although a little watered down (this may be because my bottle was 20oz). The water was warm from sitting in the car which made it taste funny,but not bad.  This was my mistake not the product’s. I decided the next time I would bring a cooler and perhaps mix the bottle before leaving the house.

I don’t have pics of the actual making and drinking of the product. Both times it simply looked like watery food colored mess and a few clumps of powder. It isn’t pretty and it is no where near as opaque and smooth as the pictures on the main website.

The second time I tried one of the packets I picked strawberry. I LOVE strawberry milk, but can almost never find it. This time around I did another trail run and when I got back to the car I was ready! Both the packet and the water bottle had been sitting in a cooler. I did not prepare it at home, because these items are marketed as easy, convenient and on the go. Making something at home isn’t on-the-go it’s preplanned and if I could preplan I wouldn’t have been drawn to them. (Yes, I do realize a cooler also falls into this category…shush). This time I again thought “Wow, that’s a lot of mix”, but it didn’t seem as watery. Perhaps it’s because I associate fewer things with the strawberry flavor it wasn’t a stretch for me? Needless to say I was very happy with the results. I think even if I had tasted this version warm I would have liked it more than the vanilla. With only 10 more calories, it isn’t a hard switch to favorite status.

The chocolate I didn’t try, simply from lack of remembering I had it. I also almost always have chocolate milk in the house. I work out a lot and it’s my go to drink afterward along with fig newtons. It’s super easy for me to carry some in a water bottle. I can’t imagine a powder version is going to taste much better. That being said, I know that real chocolate milk can spoil in a car, where as this can’t. Real chocolate milk isn’t as good for me if I ever become serious about my figure. Where I am currently with my goals though, I a have no issues with my logic.

Interestingly enough the two flavors I tried are also the gluten free varieties. I am not sure how the chocolate would interact with my system, as I have been known to have issues before and after work outs. I can’t comment further on that particular aspect.

One final thing, a draw to this product more than flavor is the benefit of getting that protein ASAP. For those who can’t carry cookies or milk with them, this is so important. Water alone is not rebuilding and taking care of your muscles and immune system after a hard work out. Even waiting 30 minutes after a hard work out lessens the effects of beneficial foods and liquids. Immediately afterward is just that, immediately. Drink it while you’re doing your cool down walk. It may take some practice, but just like building speed or endurance or learning to fuel during an event, it is something that needs to be done to become a better athlete.


Gotein offers a low 5.00 shipping fee for all orders, with free shipping within the Continental US for orders over 60.00.

Beyond the 3.00 sample pack there is an introductory pack of 4 of each flavor for 17.95 (22.95 total w/ S&H). Roughly 1.91 per packet. This pack is also limited to 1 per household.

Typically you’re looking at all one flavor, 12 packets (single serving) in a box. 24.95, almost 30 with shipping and well over 2 bucks per packet (2.49).

I won’t calculate how much you save as you order in bulk, but this is really the only way you’re getting them for under the appx 2/each mark. Now as I mentioned there are coupon codes. My cards for example gave me 4 or 5 off per box (which is basically free shipping) and this month the email code was SCHOOL giving 20% off, or again free shipping. Now if you coach a team or something, order enough to get the free shipping (60.00) and have a discount code of “percent off” then you may be sitting pretty, but you’ll also be sitting on a lot of Gotein packets.

The bottom line?

I have not bought a box this summer. I also have been unemployed and am barely buying groceries. Still, I like how powder won’t spoil in the sun. I like how it peps up my water when I don’t have other options. And I like having something other than chocolate (or vanilla or even orange) so I will be buying at least 1 box of the strawberry.

Side notes

Instead of chocolate I’d like to see like a cafe latte or other coffee-type flavor. I might even like the idea of one with caffeine. Obviously this wouldn’t be aimed for kids, but someone who is on the go. Heck hit up McDs or the like for an ice water (free) dump it in and you have iced coffee on the go. How sweet, huh?

Gotein has a presence all over the web. You can find them at their blog. Follow them on Twitter. Like them on Facebook. Or simply visit their webpage for more information or to show your support.

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