Oral Surgery

I successfully made it through my oral surgery yesterday. Normally, I try to post pics along with the story, but for those who don’t like to see this type of thing, I’ll leave that all to the end so you can skip.

The day started with a 9:00 visit to the orthodontist. By 9:17 I was back in my car minus the bottom arch wire. Err is it the arch wire if it’s on the bottom? I don’t know, nearly two years later and I still don’t know. He suggested I wait until the following week to have it put back in, as he believes I will be in too much pain the next day (today). I agreed, because, well, what else will I be doing the the next few weeks?

After this little sidebar I drove home to pick up Mom and head over to the oral surgeon’s. We arrived for my 10:30 appointment, and I was being dramatic and felt like I was going to die of lack of food and water. Truth be told it was water more than anything. I am not a big fan of the breakfast, but I am a big fan of the drinking some water when I first wake up. In the lobby they verified payment, what I was there for and that Mom should stay put in the lobby. I used a puff of my inhaler and took off my hoodie and walked back to the operating room. Ha. Which is just like any normal room, just with a lot of equipment.

They agreed to let me keep my teeth (they did for my wisdoms too) I figured after like 17 extra years together and thousands of dollars I’m keeping those puppies. Mom asked what the tooth fairy owes with all the compound interest (family joke) and I handed her my credit card receipt. She gave me the “dream on” look. We went over my medical history and I told them about how when I am under sedation my blood pressure has been known to drop. Normally it runs lower than average 70-90 over 60 to 80 or something like that. Since it’s what I normally run I’m not being treated for anything. However there have been times I was under and the machines at the hospital couldn’t detect me it was so low, they had to do it by hand. Because of this info and how long I would be under 2-3 hours, they did not place me all the way under. I was also nervous about dying. I’ve never been scared about it in the past, but yesterday for some reason I didn’t feel safe.

Throughout the procedure I could feel what they were doing, like when you feel a car moving, but it didn’t actually inflict any type of sensation on me. I could hear them talking and the radio. It was a peaceful experience. The only pain at all occurred near the end on the right side, I felt a slight pinch, and I later found out that was the implant being placed. I didn’t even count to 20 before it went away and it didn’t hurt so much as I could just feel it. The next thing I knew they were waking me up, so I knew something had gone wrong on the other side.

The doctor informed me the nerves in my gum/jaw/whatever are much closer than they anticipated. Because of this they had to use a special implant. It just so happened they did have one in stock, but normally have to special order. So, I get the grand treat of coming back next Tuesday for a follow up. Everything is prepped they just have to place the implant, so I won’t need to be sedated. Boo. I hate dental work!!

After all of this I actually felt fine. Not nearly as sick at the other times I went under, but probably because this was such a light sedation. Mom drove me to my grandma’s house, where I took a 2-ish hour nap. Ate some pudding and some meat sauce. We watched Criminal Minds and Without a Trace before Mom picked me up again. Then it was How I Met Your Mother premier (how bad were those episodes?) and Two and Half Men (which was surprisingly funny) and bowls of mashed potatoes. Finally I broke down and took an Amoxicillian (spelling?) (haaaaate those!) but didn’t need any pain meds (knock on wood). Today I feel really great too! I hope everything heals quickly.

I’m listening this time. No heavy working out, no straws no whatever, last time I got a dry socket 2-3 days into it and wanted to DIE. Seriously wanted to die it hurt so badly. So easy peasy is the name of the game for a few. I do have permission to exercise in 5-7 days so I should be able to do Akron Relay! Yippie!

And now the photos…..




All smiles at the Ortho…goodbye baby teeth
See the teeth with the metal on top instead of the sides? 1st molars…those are the culprits!
Leaving the oral surgeons…yumm paper towel
See? All gone.
Also all gone, but still in need of the implant next week.

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