Oral Surgery Continued

Yesterday I went in for the final portion of my oral surgery. Although they called and asked me to come in an hour earlier last week, I sat in the waiting room for an hour. Not like I was doing anything anyway.

I sat in the chair and they gave me some nitrous or whatever, I closed my eyes and tried to relax. My blood pressure was 129/77 which is high for me. Ugg. Nerves. When they moved the chair I was feeling so fuzzy, I felt like I was under the floor and the doctors were above me on stilts.

Part of me wishes I was asleep for it, I don’t like being aware of people drilling into my mouth. It took a ton of lidocaine and patience. The cool part was when he showed me an x-ray and I knew all about my sinus cavity and jaws. He seemed sincerely amazed about my knowledge of x-rays. SMH.

Afterward it hurt sooooo badly! I went home, took an antibiotic and a Vicodin and crawled into bed. This was just after 1pm, I emerged from the covers shortly before 6pm. The numbness lasted the rest of the night. This morning I still have a tad of numbness at the site of the implant, but it might be swelling and bruising on the gum and along my jaw. However, it feels a ton better than I did the next day last week. THANK GAWD. In fact the other side seems to have magically healed over night and I was able to full on chew with the side, so luckily I’m not on a liquid diet for another week! Woot!

The best part? I tried to confirm it will be 6 months to heal, and he said based on the one side it seems like it would be 5 months tops, possibly 3 months. Mind you this isn’t that exciting because I have to play the waiting game with insurance, but if it means fully functional teeth and if it means removable retainers instead of braces I will be the happiest camper!

On an unrelated noted, please enjoy these pictures from Saturday’s relay.

Along the Towpath, toward the end of my section
At the start of my relay, already “in the zone”

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