Minimal Effort

This whole week I have lost my spark. I have no spark for friends, family, TV, books, or working out. Sorry I am this way, but it happens. And if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that for me forcing myself to do something doesn’t make me “snap out of it” or “remind me of what I am missing”. In the past when I force myself into mileage what it leads to is bitterness and an even deeper desire to keep away.

I also felt like I was coming down with something until about Wednesday afternoon. It was weird. The whole time I drove last weekend I would feel like everything was still moving when we left the car. The feeling stayed for days after. Sitting on the couch or laying down in bed, in waves I would feel like everything was moving and I was about to be sick.

The strange sensations passed long enough Thursday night for me to get on the elliptical and knock out 5 miles in an hour. Nothing impressive and it did help me feel a little less ugg if only for a moment.

Today I went to breakfast by myself (I know, gasp, shock horror, huh?) it was yummy, but didn’t sit very well. I came home and slept for a few more hours before my sister came over to take the dogs for a hike.


Emme loved going to O’Neil Woods – Deer Run, where I took her off her leash and she KILLED the last hill! We officially kicked off the 2011 Fall Hiking Spree. The entire trip I felt queasy again.

Maybe I have an inner ear issue?

Tomorrow I am supposed to join Stephe and Gale for a fun 7 to 10 miles locally on the trails, even if it’s more walking than running or hiking. Ha. We won’t start until noon either! Sounds like my kind of Sunday…now as long as I don’t have to get my ark out after all this rain.

PS. I’ve started my Halloween search. This should keep me busy for a day or 20.

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  1. i totally hit those points where i just do not always have a ton of energy for other people or other things. i just need a break and time to myself sometimes. i hope that you have an amazing time on the trails today!

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