Happy Fall

Today is the first day of fall, apparently. It doesn’t seem too fall-esque around here and I’m not complaining quite yet. I love this time of year, it’s actually my favorite, but at the same time I’m happy to retain a few days of warmth.


This morning I attended a workshop on polytherapy. I won’t lie, part of it made my head spin, but that’s mostly from the vicodin and lack of exposure to medical terminology. I kid I kid. Seriously though, still recovering from the oral surgery. Ugg.

Afterward Mom and I piled into the car and went apartment stalking. One place which seemed perfect on paper I didn’t like once we got inside. I dunno I know I’m being picky, but it’s where I’m going to LIVE, can’t I be a little picky? The layout felt like a maze and it was so poorly laid out I thought I’d trip on myself doing anything. Plus the woman seemed in a hurry to get us out, which lead me to feel like she was hiding something.

Next we went by a few duplex/twinplex places and I think this is what I will end up getting. Another trip to another apartment complex, where the layout was infinitely better, but the pricing wasn’t very good. Also, there are a ton of things I’ll need deposits for! Ugg. One place is in the same city I currently live in, the surrounding houses aren’t fabulous, but every street outside of that is fantastic and it’s a great deal for the city and space. Well below my “max” budget for 2 bedrooms, living room, basement, A/C, C/A, Washer/Dryer hook up, and a yard! Now for the judgey comment…there’s poor(er) areas and then there are dirty areas…I’m OK with poor(er) areas, heck I’m POOR! I can’t do dirty though…and this is not dirty at all. I really like it a lot, I’ve been playing phone tag with the guy and hopefully can see the inside soon.

922In running news? I will pick up my Akron Marathon packet tomorrow. I guess I’m actually grabbing everyone on the teams…I’m cool with that, I really just wanted to get my own anyway so it’s all gravy. Do people say that? Should I say that? Moving on…I’m nervous about the race. I feel sick on and off, but not in pain. 6 miles is a long distance to not feel well, but I’m tough.

Speaking of tough, guess what mess I got myself into now? Another 50K. Don’t worry it’s free.

badass_thumb[2]It will be in November and it’s 6 loops of a 5 mile course. I know shoot me now, right? Then it’s a mile of steps. Excuse me while I wipe this tear away. Still, if (when) I finish I get a cool tech shirt and yummy yummy food. If I don’t finish (not an option) I won’t be out any money so I’m cool with signing up for it and seeing what I can do!

Along those lines…I got an email today asking if I wanted a spot in 2011’s Oil Creek 50K. If this email had come sooner I know my answer would have been an immediate YES. As it is now…I’m not sure. 1) I have to check my $$ 2) I am not in 50K shape right now…at least I don’t think I am. Then again I didn’t think I was in 25K shape either and I walked that just fine. Hmm. Hard choice to make. Of course if I do go through with it, it would mean no Jack-o-Lantern Jog, which I’ve looked forward to for 2 years since I missed it in 2010 for COMPS. Help? What should I do? I’m leaning toward not doing the 50K, and letting someone who is trained do it. Then again…I signed up for the waiting list, why shouldn’t I get the chance to go? Even if it turns into an all day hike?

I’ll keep ya posted.

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