I know I promised everyone a great tale of the rest of my weekend in VA Beach, however I must be honest. I did not have a good time. There are many many things I’m still quite upset about, but as the reason for getting upset has to do with putting everyone else before myself I figured I’d continue that trend. I fear if I write about the weekend I will come off as rude or mean and I don’t want or need that on my conscience. Instead here are a few pictures and highlights.

At the EXPO I was able to talk to the Marathon Bars booth, get a few more boxes and take some promo shots.

BOOTH solo_booth

I also signed up to help end world hunger. For every mile I log money is donated to those in need. Run for Food International has sponsors who contribute the money, but there is also an option to donate on behalf of a runner for the every day person. If you’re running anyway, why not help out?

The girl we stayed with had a tiny little puppy with tons of energy who reminded me of my little luv muffin.

molly molly_dress

On an excursion to try and find something to eat, we discovered a frozen yogurt shop. Over priced and over rated. Still now I feel like I’m in the cool kids club for having tried it.

froyo froyo2

I saw a sign for Carlos O’ Kelly’s Mexican Cafe. I did not get a picture, but apparently this is a legit food chain.

Notice how there aren’t any pictures of the beach? That’s because we spent 30-45 mins there and I didn’t even get in the water. This was not my choice and that’s all I want to say about it.

For me it could have been any other race and I have no clue how to express how disappointed I am in what was supposed to be my last hurrah for a while. The simple truth is I feel guilty for not having fun. Everyone keeps saying how jealous they were of my trip, and aside from enjoying my run I don’t have anything in my mind they should be jealous over. Yes, there were good moments, but I felt like the dorky kid at the football party. I was in the room when everything happened, I had a first hand view, but that doesn’t mean I was a part of it. Does that makes sense?

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