Tender Tush

No this isn’t the latest chicken cut from Tyson. It turns out riding your bike around like a crazy person will lead to the bottom half letting you know it knows what you’ve been up to lately!

I’m not sure how I accomplished it, well actually thanks to DailyMile I am sure how I accomplished it, but I hit 102 miles for the month, on my bike last night! Normally I struggle to hit 100 for the summer. It was an amazing feeling, but toward the end I could certainly feel the mileage adding up.


The 5th was on the hybrid, I just needed to get out of the house and rode the opposite direction I normally do, for me this was a great adventure! Ooooooohhhhh.

The 10th was on the road bike, went out with a group and rode the bike & hike around the neighboring cities. Met some nice people and found out my bike goes a lot faster when properly inflated.

On the 17th I ventured out for a ride on the hybrid at dusk where we stopped at Yours Truly and dined on ice cream and quesadillas and my knee bled out.

A few days later on the 20th I went out for an unofficial night ride, again with the hybrid and was happy to be a part of Sheila’s big adventure of getting back out on the trails after a (few) years hiatus. The knee didn’t hurt too much either.

Last night was the same route and bike as the 17th, only we had a group of about 20 with us! On the way out there it was a slower pace in the back and lots of other people were using the Towpath so it was hard to really find a steady pace. Tom went with me, and it turns out it took about 90 minutes to cover 13.5 miles. Fun. We got to talk to a lot of people though so it totally made up for the lack of speed.  Instead of YT we opted for Hoggy’s. Of course there was a kink in the plans, since the main road did not offer a crosswalk and the “bridge” path leading off the trail was gated at the end. We decided the only thing to do was wait for a lull in traffic and go for it!

Just as we were coming up with the brilliant plan and an officer was driving down the road. He saw the massive amount of bikes and turned his lights on. WHAT? He blocked traffic for us so we could all cross safely! How great is that? What perfect timing. The next interesting thing was riding our version of bikes past “bike night” at Quaker Steak & Lube. I couldn’t count the number of men who revved their engines at us as we rode past. Too bad I didn’t take a picture, it was a sight to be seen. The whole parking lot was crammed with motorcycles, they even spilled over into a huge portion of the movie theater lot. People we using lights and flags to direct traffic there was such a crowd.

Side note: Some photos I found here of bike night in 2004. It’s the same location, just to give you an idea of what I am talking about…

bike-night bike-night1

After a fine dinner of extra cheesy Mac & Cheese, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and a Cherry Coke, we were back on the road. Several members ate and left (they needed to get up early) so on the way back there were only about 10 of us, and 5 took the lead. We cleared the way home in an HOUR. I have never ridden the hybrid that quickly before! I’ve decided I should probably deck it out, with the mirrors and lights and supply pack needed for a longer distance bike since it seems to do better on some of the trail surfaces than my road.


I’m in pink, she didn’t say 1.2.3 or I would have smiled!

Supposedly, I am going out Sat night for a sanctioned 13 on the Towpath at night courtesy of Century Cycles. There is also apparently a day ride listed on Meetup. I’m not sure if I will go or not since I have the Buckeye Half Marathon on Sunday. Word on the street is VA Beach is always hot and humid so if I want a go at that sub 2:15 I may have to try for it this weekend. I still haven’t decided if I feel like it or not. I also learned I have a friend doing it for the 1st time and is nervous she won’t know anyone. It may be more fun to just hang with her. We shall see.

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  1. Kudos for all those miles!!! Hubs prefers biking and since I'm still in a love/hate relationship with running, we've been hitting the pavement more with our bikes. I have no idea how your butt tolerates all that! I suppose it gets easier… yes? please? lol

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