Product Review: athletic skirt and performance tank

I am so excited … I can’t wait until the end to reveal the disclaimer. This is my first review where I was sent something, free of charge, in exchange for a write up!

Over a year ago I was contacted by informing me I was selected to review their Fall 2010 line. I sent back my info, but had not heard or seen anything since. Imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago I came home to find waiting for me in the mail box…an athletic skirt and matching top! I had two immediate thoughts. 1) Wow that is a lot of pink 2) HOLY CRAP I got free stuff!

For reference purposes I was sent the pinkalicious athletic skirt in a size 4 and haute pink performance tank in size medium.

There are also matching arm warmers, which I was not sent, but I think are super cute and would love to buy one day for a complete “outfit”. And if you really wanna get crazy, they have various colors of compression socks too.

I have wanted a running skirt for years. For the past two birthdays and Christmases I have asked for one. Of course shoes and clothes and I do not get along and no one was willing to shell out any money on athletic clothing I may not like. Even I wasn’t willing to risk it.

Having worn this outfit now for different activities and days on end, I can say I wish I had bit the bullet sooner.

Here I am the first night. I took Emme for a walk/jog just so I could wear it!

Recently in Ohio (other places too I’m sure) we’ve had a streak of HOT and HUMID. I mean you walk outside and it looks like you showered. Right away I noticed how well the fabric breathes. During my walk I did not feel the need to constantly adjust my top or skirt. Despite having what looks like two layers over my middle and legs, I did not feel constricted or over heated. Possible TMI, I did feel bunched wearing underwear, so the next time I wore it I went sans panties and all was well. There is a patch in the bottoms so they’re designed to go without.

I also wore the outfit when I took Emme on the 2 mile trail run. Things I picked up from that experience. 1) The shirt material looks wet very easily, but it doesn’t feel wet and it doesn’t lose shape or cling to you. 2) I felt cute while running and wasn’t afraid of the potential pictures. My biggest concern with the outfit was feeling I looked frumpy because the shirt was so long. The material is great and heavenly, usually I have issues finding cute running tops. Tanks don’t always work because I wear supportive bras, which means either the built in bra is crap or it’s too dainty and my thicker straps poke out. This top did not have any issues with looking cute and keeping me covered and cool.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of it, but I also wore the outfit out and about to shop and attend my Toastmasters meeting. No one could tell it was an athletic outfit; in fact most people complimented me on my cute skirt. Still, if I were to keep wearing it as a normal skirt (and I plan to) I would trade it out for a different top. Mostly because it will cut down on the athletic look.

Last week I wore the whole outfit on a few more trail and road runs. I decided I LOVE the longer cut of the shirt when I wear a waist hydration pack, it gives wiggle room and I’m not constantly it down to avoid chafe. A few times I noticed the waist pack does make my skirt ride up in the back. Part of me thinks this could be solved when I lose the last few pounds I’m working on and tone up. FYI, it was not enough that my butt is showing, but enough that anyone behind me could see the black shorts underneath. This does not bother me, because shorts are shorts and it’s a run not a fashion show (but since it might bother some people I wanted to point it out).

One final thing about she shirt…(photo proof) of the way it works with sweat. After what was easily the most sweaty run I have been on in my life, this is what I looked like. Aside from my face saying it all, note how dark the shirt gets when wet. Again I am totally fine with this, because more importantly than looks, I didn’t FEEL sweaty. It wasn’t stuck to my body and I wasn’t smelling myself.

In conclusion on the top. If you’re a shorter waist girl it will probably sit lower than other shirts. If you carry a hydration belt, this may be a life-saver, if not, it may be annoying when trying to look “cute”. Still, if you’re a bigger chested girl, here is a top that doesn’t reveal your bra, doesn’t cut into your armpits, and looks a lot cuter than unisex wicking tops.

Moving on to the bottom half…and the shorts underneath.  I was surprised how well they stayed in place. The only time I felt the need to adjust them was if I was getting in or out of my car. While running they did not ride up or tug down. The seams and hems are so smooth too, none of that weird gripper material to keep them in place. One complaint I have is how high the band sits on my waist. I prefer my bottoms to sit more on my hips, this comes all the way up to my actual middle. The top band is wide though, and for me easily folded over or tucked under and voila! No issue. As for the pockets. I did store my keys in them twice and both times they stayed secure and I didn’t notice any bouncing or rough edges.

Yesterday I took it on my final experiment…riding a bike.

While I wouldn’t ride the road bike very long (lack of padding) I did like the way it felt and I certainly liked the idea of getting off the bike and looking feminine. You can also see in the pics I tried it with a different top. I really liked wearing a tank more one the bike and as a casual top.OK, you’ve heard what I have to say about them, but what are the official words? According to the website an athletic skirt:

From the official site. Where it sits on the waist and the undershorts.

Athletic Skirts with attached compression shorts and two side pockets perfect for storing anything from energy gels to cell phones, ipods and even your tees and golf balls. Designed with a flat, flattering waistband and Now with NEW longer no-ride-up compression shorts. The inseam in our compression shorts is designed longer than most other skorts (starts at 5″ in length and increases with size) and provides a fit the does not bunch or ride up. Our Athletic Skirt Running Skort or Athletic Skirts are also known as Fitness Skorts and are made with the super light quick-drying fabric as our other styles. Our Athletic Skirt is cut a to fit slightly roomier than our Running Skirt style and it is about 1.5″ longer than our Running Skirt style. It is great for any sporty activity…. or simply day to day wear and is the favorite style for tennis. Now available in teen size xsmall up to women’s plus sizes 16-18.

As I write this, there are currently 22 various athletic skirt styles and 29 running skirt styles. Running skirts are slightly shorter with briefs instead of shorts. I can’t tell you how good they feel, as this was not the style I was sent. They also have a product called a triathlon skirt. This style is similar to the running skirt, but without the briefs. It’s advertised as a great skirt for wearing as a casual skirt over your swimsuit or over your favorite tights or compression shorts. Personally I’m eying the sparkle hearts version. I’m thinking this is a good idea for multisport people. Or me. I can wear it over my bike shorts, I can wear it over my running shorts, in the winter I can wear it over pants, or casually I can wear cute tights….I can’t lose!

For those ladies who are either much more modest or for religious reasons don’t want to wear a skirt above the knees, this company is there for you! There is a skirt called the spirit skirt or kosher skirt. They also suggest wearing it to the office for a quick work to night lift transition.

As with a lot of apparel these days,  you’re going to have to pay to get quality. For products that perform well, look great, keep you from smelling AND hold up in the wash! I say it is more than worth the money.

Disclaimer: sent me the clothes free of charge to product test. I was not obligated to write a review, nor was I obligated to write about the products favorably.. All opinions are my own.

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