Product Review: Moving Comfort Bras, Fiona and Juno

Raise your hand if you have ever had an issue shopping for a sports bra. OK. Put them back down and finish reading this entry. Personally, my least favorite thing to shop for in any aspect is a bra. Which is why I am now doing a second bra review…these things are expensive and a pain to find.

Now I doubt I’m really shaped all that oddly, and luckily I have always fallen within the B to D range as my weight has fluctuated over the years. I wish I could help those of you who need DD or more, those who need to specialty order their clothing, but I can’t comment on what I haven’t experienced. Suggesting a good plus size bra would be as foreign to me as suggesting a good jock strap. All I can do is tell you what I like and why.

 Enter Moving Comfort.

Various magazines I had read raved about MC and the bras they were producing.  One day I was at my local Fleet Feet and I happened to notice the giant wall of bras. WHOA. I also happened to notice the giant Moving Comfort display. Score! Nervously and excitedly I started to try on different bras. Now I know you are able to be fitted for a bra…still I have my preferences and I want to go with what I like. Side note: I was recently fitted at VS for a “regular” bra, I was measured at a D-cup for them. The bra fits better than anything I have ever worn. When I entered those SAME measurements for a sports bra, I was told to wear a B-cup. This is why I just try things on.
At the time, they were just introducing their Fiona bra and I fell in love.
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According to the site, here is the 411 on Fiona:

Our #1-selling bra, the favorite that women buy in multiples. Front adjustable straps offer unsurpassed levels of comfort and a custom fit. Now available in 30 band size!

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
•Interior front yoke limits vertical breast movement
• Front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom-fit adjustability
• Flattering exterior design lines add support and shape
• Adjustable back closure for easy on/off and custom-fit adjustability

This was the first bra I had seen with adjustable straps! This meant (in my mind) as it went through wear and tear I could adjust the straps to make it still fit. It also meant in the summer I could give myself the sweat factor and in the winter I could allow for the extra weight or discomfort of body and layers. Aside from the adjustable straps, the material was very breathable and the cups were formed. My girls didn’t get pushed together or pushed against my rib cage. I had breasts, they didn’t move all over the place and they didn’t sit in a pool of filth. PERFECT. After trying a few on, I found the size I wanted and I sucked it up and bought one in white. It was nearly 50 dollars, which is a lot of money to a broke college student. Later, when I knew it was a great bra I ordered one for less on Amazon. I always buy 1 black and 1 white bra.

This past year I needed to replace my beloved Fiona’s. Yes, many people get new bras every 6 months or every year. I get them when I HAVE to and not a moment sooner. Spending money on something people do not see bothers me like nothing else. Perhaps I should run without a shirt and buy bras in fun print? Ha.

I did some math and I realized with as much as I run and race and go to the gym, my cost per use of the bra is less than 1 dollar each use. Looking at it that way I think WOW those things live a GOOD life and they’re a great investment.

Honestly, when I started shopping this year, I couldn’t remember the name of the bra I was wearing. Luckily, Moving Comfort has this great feature on their site, a virtual dressing room. Either by entering your measurements or the bra size you’re looking for plus the features you want (impact level, front or back clasp, standard vs racer) they will generate a list of bras you may enjoy. Based on the recommendations I was given, I found my latest bra of choice.

My new Moving Comfort bra of choice is Juno.

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Here is the low-down on Juno:

Built for maximum support and comfort, Juno is a perfect match for B cup-plus women who want a racer-back style that covers, supports, and is fashionable. Now available in 30 band size!

• Seam-free interior molded cups for support and shape
• Moderate-contour cups give shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer with a seamless look
• Bonded material for less bulk, and smooth, no-chafe comfort
• Front and back mesh zones to keep you cool

Juno was everything I ever wanted in a bra. It has the adjustable straps, but it is also a racer back. Why would I need both? I wasn’t sure either, but this magical combination solved all my worries about armpit invasions, cup support, rib cage mutilation and shoulder duty.

I bought mine at a local sport store called Vertical Runner, but also once again ordered a second from Amazon. Interestingly enough, my band size is the same for both Fiona and Juno, but I went up to a higher cup size in Juno. Again, this is why I always have to try things on. Even when the numbers work out a certain way, personal preferences may trump logic.

I wear these bras primarily as racing gear, but sometimes for training. They were great on trails and roads; one of my favorite things about Juno was how the racer back allowed me to carry my hydration packs on my shoulders, without pushing my straps down as I ran. Juno (for me) feels a lot thicker than Fiona, but I think it also gives me a better shape and when actually in motion, I don’t feel overheated or overly layered. It did take some getting used to for putting it on and off, but for me this is a small price in time to pay for the added comfort and luxury of wear. When at home I will wear them on their own on the elliptical, I have worn them hiking, cycling, walking, and to fitness class such as Zumba. At times Juno feels a little “too much” when I do lower impact sports, but when I wear a lesser bra I always have aches and pains later in the night, so now I’m used to wearing it in all settings.

The ONE drawback to either of these bras is that higher impact means thicker straps. Therefore I can’t wear them causally, they sometimes creep out of my neckline on t-shirts even! Most people probably don’t wear sports bras for “fun” and wouldn’t have this issue. I occasionally do it if I’m going to be doing a lot of walking or if I just feel like being “a bum” for the day. It’s something I felt needed to be put out there.

Disclaimer. As I mentioned, but just to clarify, I sought out and paid for all of my bras. Moving Comfort did not ask me to do a review for them and I am not being compensated by any means for my opinions.

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  1. Another great one! (after many frustrations). I'm a 30 dd to a 30 e. Ugh! I found a great one: shock absorber style b109. You can find it on Adjustable straps. Adjustable band just like a regular bra. The cups for the Girls are seperated. Your girls don't even touch each other. Yes it looks funny but it's worth it! If you get cold you can sometimes “tell” but it's a lot better than having to wear multiple ones!

    Thank you for the other ones. Freya kicks ass in swimsuits!!!

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