Making out with a hamburger…

The past week has certainly been either one way or the other. Aside from watching hours long marathons of Ugly Betty (thank you Hulu) I have manged to drag myself out of the house here and there. Is anyone else suffering this season from allergies? As in the moment you step outside you want to pass out from exhaustion?

Of course Wednesday I spent the night falling off my bike. So Thursday and Friday running was not on the agenda. Thursday I took myself down to the Ledges and volunteered at the 2nd annual Grunt Girl Racing event Shatter the Silence. Remember rape is a crime, talking about it is not.

Supporters wore white, survivors wore purple shirts

Since I was planning to run, I had not signed up to be a volunteer. Luckily they had more than enough people to help out, so I mingled with friends. I saw Katrina which was great because I hadn’t seen her since the spring April RAINN event. She almost has me talked into doing the Stomp the Grapes half marathon in November. I think John is doing it too, and my friend Brittany, and you can buy a sweet hoodie for 18 bucks…yea let’s admit it, I’m sold.

I also saw my friend Kelli and found out she’s not getting married in Vegas this December, but they are getting married locally next July. This is exciting because now Gale and I get to go to her wedding. I’m so happy for her. It also helps that she noticed the weight I’ve lost and was telling me how great I look.

My very important job ended up being, handing out place cards at the end of the race. Each person was clocked by the timer, then I gave them a card with number 1 through 106 on it. The place card coordinates with the timer’s report. The runners turn their cards in at the computer in the “shack” so everyone gets a report eventually. I don’t know, it seems simple enough! You try tracking down a tired and breathy runner though after 7 miles in the woods at dusk! Fun!

Here are some shots from the start, and a picture of Gale I just like.

IMAG0453 IMAG0454 IMAG0455 gale IMAG0456

At the race Vince (from Vertical Runner) told me how Emily from YURBUDS came across my reviewed, liked it and emailed him about it. This of course made me smile to high heaven! I also was sent a some-what cryptic text by one of my new fave follows on Twitter @DigitalRunning, who may or may not know something about me getting to run a Ragnar Relay next year! Very exciting evening.

Saturday, Mom and I opted to visit the National Hamburger Festival.


I love hamburgers, more than I should admit. It was held at Lock 3, the same place we went to for the rib fest on the 4th of July. We expected it to be packed and lively and fun fun fun. We arrived and it was 5 dollars each to get in (why) and then you had to buy food and drink tickets to get anything. We went with 10 tickets each (20 bucks total!) This ended up getting us 1 deep fried burger to split (interesting, not really something I’d eat on my own and as the only item) 1.5 “regular” burgers from some place with the most amazing burger. At first we only bought a half and shared it to test, but we loved it so much and didn’t have enough tickets for anywhere else, we went back for seconds. She got a lemonade and I got some fresh fruit mixed thingy.

At the festival we ran into a high school friend of hers, so I got to hear some scandalous details of my mother when she was a teen. Ha! Like the time she got in MAJOR trouble for wearing a bikini at the pool! Can you IMAGINE!? Apparently she also switched suits in the pool with this lady. As you can see from the picture to the right, I like to stick to just making out with sandwiches in public. We also ran into my friends Crystal and Ryan. No scandalous stories were revealed.


Saturday evening I ventured out into the fitness world. I met up with Jessica and several other friends, including Sheila on her very first bike ride in a long time, for a night ride. We started at Lock 29 and went north for 6-ish miles (to the scene of the crime on Wed night) stopped a moment to chat and rode back. 10-11 mph pace, totally different riding at night than during the day. Less allergies for one! Most of us went to eat after, but some turned in for early morning runs on Sunday.

Sunday was a casual trip to the Grunt Girl picnic. I drove with Stephe and it was nice getting to know him better. Once we arrived at our hour away location it was pouring rain! We hid in the car for a while before finally joining others at the pavilion. Being the genius I am, I didn’t realize all the food was being cooked on a grill. I can’t eat food with that black stuff on it. I seriously like instantly puke. No food = no candy treats either. One can only eat so much fruit! All the veggies were covered in dressing or spices I didn’t like. Bleh. I’m not really THAT picky of an eater! Sorry. There was hummus but also only hard chips, which are not braces friendly. Boo. Finally some late arrivals brought pita bread so I ate a ton of hummus and bread.

It was nice meeting new team members, but I am SO SHY around people I don’t know. I was overwhelmed. It was hard for me to talk to anyone and my allergies and asthma were making me so tired I was barely awake at the picnic tables. I hope everyone doesn’t think I’m anti-social and hate them. Guess I better kick it up a notch for any fall/winter get togethers.

After an afternoon nap and snack I made myself get on the elliptical. I knocked out 5 miles in 57 minutes then another 5 around 58. 10 mile “long run” and barely any knee pain. BAM!

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend. What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve done in public? Would you be upset if your kids found out?

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