In case you missed the memo

I noticed I’m getting a lot of new traffic and I don’t think everyone saw my post on FB or Twitter about these unusual posting for the next two weeks.

Some people LOVE product reviews, some people HATE them. Over the next 2 (ish) weeks I am posting a slew of them. Yes, some I was sent products so I need to get the write up posted, others I simply believe in so much I want to share it with everyone. Many people are starting their training for fall marathons (or other races) so now is a good time to get the word out about possible useful products.

If you feel the need to leave I will totally understand, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew this is not a new or lasting format change and I’m not doing it to “sell out”, nearly all of what you’re going to read is just because I want to talk about what I use in my successful training and racing…not because anyone asked for a favor.

And if you look to the “Upcoming Races” on the side, you’ll see you will get plenty of race reports this month too!

If you want to know what I’m planning here is a general outline. Bold is a sponsored post.

Moving Comfort bras : Posted
Bondi Bands vs Active Bands
Body Glide vs Tri Slide
Marathon bar
Nathan Hydration packs

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