Cross training can be dangerous!

Last night I went on the ride I mentioned in my previous post. It was nice to get out of the house and back on my feet. Not that anything was really stopping me, only how much soreness I thought I was feeling.

Kelly, Juan, Me and Jessica up front

At 5:30-ish I met up with Jessica, Kelly and Juan. Juan of course had to check my tires since last week I was trying to ride my road bike w/ less than 50% of what should be in there. Ack. The hybrid wasn’t much better. Lo and behold, I could keep a double digit pace on the hybrid of death now that it has air. Sheesh.

We started at Lock 29 and road north on the Towpath to Rockside Rd. It was weird once we got there, because it was the plaza I was meeting the Grunt Girls at when I was doing the Monday night rides, it occurred to me I felt like driving out there was far and here I was riding my bike. Really the distance isn’t bad at all (roughly 13.5 miles) it’s the traffic on the roads when I take my car that drives me up a wall.

Generally nothing too exciting happened on the way there. Not that we didn’t have fun! I just mean it was the 4 of us cruising, enjoying an mid August night, laughing and chatting. About a quarter of the way into the journey there was some confusion on if we would go straight or stop for the rest stop. In all the confusion I managed to not get my foot out of my pedal in time and as the bike is a much different shape than my road and heavier, I toppled over. This wouldn’t be as embarrassing if I actually used clip-in pedals (as that happens often for them). Nope I use the toe-clips or as I call them the foot cages. I was wearing my New Balance shoes (great ventilation) and the “trail bottom” locked into the cage. Luckily I knew it was happening, so it wasn’t so much a slam impact as it was a scrape with the bike and path impact.

I hobbled over to the bathroom where I nice guy gave me a bandaid and I cleaned it up. You can see from the after pictures, it wasn’t too bad and the socks aren’t too stained.

IMAG0449 IMAG0448

Soon enough we were back in action.

At the half way point we decided to get ice cream. We also split a quesadilla. My ice cream was AWESOME. It was a berry pie with cinnamon ice cream and whipped cream on top. I could only eat half! The slice of quesadilla and the limeade I ordered all really hit the spot. To our surprise and excitement, Juan offered to cover the bill! Shweeeet!

On the way back it felt chilly at first, and the sun quickly went down. It was nice to still be enjoying everyone’s company that far into something exercise related. We were keeping a reasonable pace too (IMHO) anything double digits is fine with me for a casual ride. And considering I have never ridden my hybrid into the double digits for distance and barely can for speed, this was a great night.

Almost at the same spot as last time, there was another incident!

Kelly and I had the only working lights so we were in the lead. Around one area there is a loop, you can go left or right, but it meets up at the same place. It’s actually a section of the route used in the fall Towpath half and full marathons. In her confusion Kelly began to stop. We told her not to stop (it was a little sudden) but I was prepared this time! What I wasn’t prepared for was to have her veer toward the left and right into me. Thank my lucky stars we were at a grassy patch. I went flying off my bike and right onto my bad knee! OUCH! As quickly as I could I flipped over onto my back to relieve the pressure. It all felt like slow motion to me. Before I knew it everyone was standing over me panicked asking if I was OK. I just lay there looking up at their faces in the shadows and the stars around their heads and laughed. I was fine.

Getting back on the bike my knee hurt really badly and I could feel my shoulder took a jab with the landing, but otherwise I was fine.

We rode the rest of the way to the car, still laughing and having a great time. My light isn’t as bright as I would like, so I was a little nervous riding in the dark. I plan to get something that will cast a wider range for future rides.

All in all we did about 27 miles in 2 and half hours (not including stops). When I got home this is what I found on my leg. I guess that second impact + more riding wasn’t doing me any favors. I cleaned it up the best I could, pulling gravel and grass out of it (why is it sooo deep?) dabbing it was hydrogen peroxide, smearing it was Neosporin and placing a non-latex band. Oh the joys of a crazy body.


Today I woke up to stained sheets and a lot of pain and purple. Guess it’s a good thing I am volunteering at Shatter tonight and not trolling through the woods!

PS. Don’t forget to vote for me for the refuel grant. Thank you!!

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