Chicago : more pics, pace chart and final thoughts

It’s now been a few days since I ran a half marathon in downtown Chicago. With the “high” now fading, I can look back and say I truly still enjoyed this race. I liked being a part of such a large field of runners, and I liked how all my training is paying off. The weather was more than wonderful, despite the sprinkle here and there creating an environment ideal for chaffing. The sponge station and wet clothes at the end made me feel like I was running something much more significant than a half marathon. Being around so many other people though, made me rethink some of my own attitude about distance running. Sure it’s impressive when someone is capable of running 100 miles, but that shouldn’t discredit someone who just ran 13, or even 1. At the EXPO I refused to buy anything, even though there was one shirt I fell massively in love with, because it was “only” a half. True, VA Beach next month will be my 20th half marathon, and while the newness of the distance is gone, clearly the appeal hasn’t faded. Some people will never do more than 13.1 miles, and that’s perfectly wonderful for them and a grand accomplishment.

I really regret not taking food with me, or not slowing enough to ask for the cyclomax (even it was nasty). I wonder if those added calories would have been enough to keep the 30 seconds off per mile of my last few. Enough to kick it over the line under 2:15? Not to shame what I did accomplish, but reading other people’s reports (especially on Team Marathon) I feel like the red-headed step child. I wasn’t even in the top 50% of the field. How can I be proud? I shouldn’t brag about being less than average? Yet, it’s still something I’m happy about doing.

I can tell you this much though…I forgot how brutal roads can be! None of this “fine the moment I stop” nonsense. I was knocked out Monday and Tuesday! I finally limped onto the elliptical last night for a few miles just because I was feeling like a fat slug.

Today I am scheduled for a 30-35 mile bike ride. So please, enjoy the pictures and pace chart (as people were curious).

And PLEASE if you have a moment (each day) I am a finalist this month for a Refuel with chocolate milk grant….just search for Julie, I’m the only one…and vote. I plan to use the money to join a gym (remember unemployed) so I can train in the winter and hopefully do a 50-miler in the spring. You do not have to register for the site or grant access to FB or anything, you just click “vote”.

You can see mile 3 where it went “crazy”
finish finish4 medals octopus Image_1040 Image_1041

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