Body Glide vs Tri-Slide

This review is going to be a little different from my others. Instead of giving a million facts and figures, I am simply going to tell what I have experienced with both of these products. The other odds and ends can easily be found at either of their webpages if more is needed.

When I first started running, and even now, I have the occasional chafe issue. In the beginning it was my feet, then it became a shorts line or bra line issue as distance increased. Now I’m generally chafe free, expect for when it rains or is humid, it seems I can’t escape Mother Nature.

The first response probably heard is “wear Body Glide” and I can’t agree more! Body Glide is a miracle substance sent to save us from our own craziness. Need to wear short shorts, but thighs aren’t happy? BG. Need to wear a strangely cut uniform top and arms pits are upset? BG. Feet feeling weepy? BG.

Body Glide comes in stick form and looks a lot like deodorant in its casing and substance, according to the website it’s classified as a balm. With a few clicks of the wheel at the bottom, the stick protrudes enough to coat sensitive areas. When I wear it under my waist bands, my bra bands, my arm holes, feet or thighs I have not had any issue. Make sure not to don’t over do it though, or it might feel weird at the start of a run.

One thing I LOVE is many stores carry a “trial size” which I find perfect for bringing with me on the run for any emergency spots, and I also find it easier to apply to my feet than the full stick version.

Disadvantages? Well, as a stick it does pick up whatever it touches. At times I’ve looked at the white stick with stains and dirt from applying it to my feet or other parts mid-run and it seems gross to apply it to clean skin. Another issue is not really being able to share it. Finally, if what people think matters…it can look weird to be reaching up shorts to apply.

Bodyglide comes in many different “versions” including a bodyglide for her and forms for cycling. I’ve had several trusted store employees tell me the “for her” version is nothing more than the same stick with a pink lid with a lesser amount and higher price. Haven’t we heard that story before? I really hope this isn’t the case, because I will be seriously disappointed in this company if they’re trying to take advantage of people! That being said, I’ve never felt the need to buy a different type of stick from them, the original does everything the other version claim (for me) so why mess with a good thing?

About a year ago I was at the Akron Marathon Expo and I came across the booth for Vertical Runner. Earlier I had heard about tri-slide and saw they were selling it at their booth. I asked about it and was told it’s essentially Bodyglide, but in an aerosol can. Interesting.

I bought a can and started using. What I found is I like it just as much, but for different reasons. The best aspect of TS is I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. Simply point and spray and ta-da coated. I have always had issues getting BG between my toes so being able to spray was awesome. That being said, I did think it ruined my shoes for the longest time. I sprayed way too much before and during my 50K at Oil Creek and for months, not weeks, but months after I felt like my socks were sliding around in the bottoms of my shoes. It’s also easier to spray it outsides (IMO) as it will coat whatever it touches, leaving floors, chairs, anything in its path slippery. It is also easy to share without fear of cooties.

When I am already at a race and feel a trouble spot it’s nice to be able to spray and not reach up my shorts or my shirt…although I don’t care what people see anymore. It’s a race, not a date. I’m the spray can queen. At trail runs, it’s 1) spray with TS 2) spray with sunscreen 3) spray with bug spray. I’m a delightful cocktail.

The BIGGEST issue I have with TS is that it’s a giant can. I can’t easily carry it with me on a run in case of a new hot spot.

Taking all things into consideration, I use both. Some days it’s easier to spray myself down, other days it’s easier to lube the little section under my arms. I’ve even been known to use BG then spray over it with TS (OK it’s just my thighs I do this too) when it’s a long or hot run and I really need to make sure I don’t start any forest fires.

If someone were to ask me which to buy, I would tell them to seriously think about getting both. I know some people have loyalty, BG is for runners TS is for triathletes and for getting in and out of wetsuits. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Chocolate milk is for “kids” but it’s also a wonderful recovery drink. (Speaking of, feel free to vote).

I wish I could make this simple and tell which wins, but it’s really a personal call. I would honestly be sad to go without either…emotionally and skintastically.

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