Weekend Accomplishments

As we all know, the last few weeks I’ve struggled with a lot of my training. Most of it is mental, but occasionally it’s a physical issue too. I did feel better when I saw I’ve now lost a total of 7 pounds and I walked/ran/hiked over 100 miles last month! More than I have ever accomplished before. This could have a lot to do with the shifts in fitness.

The last few days have been nice though. Thursday night I went out with CRTR and Emme had her first group run experience. I’ve never seen her so happy. My asthma started acting up or my allergies or something and I went from keeping a great pace (she’s a good pace dog) to being in the way back. Gale stopped at 3 miles (she had done 4 earlier) and Emme and I went for the whole 5. We go lost around 3.5 though, so with the turn around ended up with an even 4.

Saturday Mom took me with her to the fancy gym. I felt way over-packed once we got there. They totally give you the hook up with anything and everything. You can even get razors for shaving or toothbrushes! We decided to go an indoor triathlon…mostly because we ate 3 days worth of calories at Applebee’s. Including the cookie sundae, which apparently made the top of the list for 40 deserts that can kill you.  We started with 20 minutes in the pool, then around 30 minutes on the treadmill and wrapping it up with 30 minutes on the bike. Running inside on a treadmill was just about torture for me, but I cleared 3 miles in 35 minutes hahaha. The bike was less impressive, but I enjoyed being able to sit there, crank the resistance and read my book. At the end we sat in the sauna for a bit, which was also quite lovely.

That night I went to Heather’s for a fireworks show and picnic. I love her fireworks show, nicer than most cities…and prime seating! It was also nice to see a few ex-coworkers that I actually liked.

Sunday I was all geared up for a 23 mile trail run…then we moved it to Saturday. (rewind) Sat at 430 Gale and I were discussing the storm that seemed to be headed our way. We backed out of the 6am training run. I was going to TRY and do it Sunday.

Sunday rolled around and I was too tired to even think about moving, let alone running. I went back to sleep two different times, before getting up around 8. I messed around on-line and finally made my way to the Boston Store. I don’t remember exactly when I started, it was between 9:30 and 10:00. I thought I would be doing a new part of the trail…instead I found out it was the same section I had done with Gale about a month ago. This upset and annoyed me, because I hated that section. Still, I was there, so I went out on my adventure.

My goal was to keep 20/mi or better. Most miles were a minute or two better. I tried to drink a lot of my water/heed at each mile. I spent the first mile running around looking for directions (seriously). So my 5 mile turn around came at about 5.8. I went to get some fresh water and found my hydration pack was stuck! I spent about 10 minutes trying to get the thing opened, being bitten by bugs. I was SO MAD. I finally drank a few handfuls and soaked my hat in some ice. It was dry again by the time I reached the top of the steps back onto the trail.

View, just passed the half way mark
Look how not sweaty I am…it’s a lie

I passed several people I know. Mallory and Brenna were out doing the 23 route. So was Anastasia. Other people I know by sight, but not name were there and one asked where Emme was this morning. I said she gets cranky with anything over 5 miles…the guy said “Me too”. Haha.

These are known as the “Piano Keys”
try running them after 10 miles
and several hours.

On the way back I tried to drink more water and ran whenever I could. It was SO HOT and it was only in the upper 70s? Race day is going to be hotter, at that point in the day I’m going to be more fatigued and I will only be about HALF WAY DONE. I keep thinking I am so screwed. Mind you OC50K was climbing mountains compared to BT50K so I should be able to get some time, but I have no idea how I’m supposed to shave 2.5 hours off my time. I keep calculating my training runs and I keep coming up with barely making the 10 hour cut off. Here’s hoping race day I have people to distract me and things just GO WELL in general.

I can’t use the Nathan pack, that’s for sure. Not that it’s heavy or bulky. It just isn’t user-friendly at all. Even if I hand it to someone else to open…if it takes them 20 minutes that’s 20 minutes of MY TIME. I have to learn how to run with the waist pack. Drink all 4 between each station too. I went through about 20 oz the first 5 miles and then 30 oz the second 5 and I was still VERY dehydrated the rest of the day. Migraine level dehydrated by bedtime. Ugg. If I use the waist pack I can better see how much water I’m taking in and they’re SUPER EASY to refill at each station.

The main accomplishment of yesterday was getting a double digit run in (10.8 miles) feeling GOOD at the end and being OK with being alone. Now that we have that mental block pushed out of the way, I think I can stop being completely in fear of this race. I now know what 23 of the miles will look like and feel like. Tomorrow I go out the explore the final 8 (4 out and back) then I will be set for proper pacing.

After the race I go back to trails being fun, trails being (shorter) and some road work and cross training. After this 50K I have a slew of road half marathons (I think 3 within like 7 or 8 weeks) then back to some ultra’s in the fall on the trails.

I leave you with the following images…reason why girls wear braids on the trails. How am I ever going to fix this mess?

hair1 hair2

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  1. You are hard core sticking it out! Nice work!

    I am all over the braids. They sometimes look goofy, but better than the disaster afterwards!

  2. I hate when my hair gets all knotted like that!! I definitely vote for braids as well. My hair is not quite to my shoulders now so it's not that bad but when it was longer it would get SO nasty.

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