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With all the social media out there, it can sometimes be hard to decide which way is the best way to follow your friends, favorite company or in this case…favorite blog! For those of you who made what was probably the smart choice and stuck with just ONE form of networking, I applaud you. For everyone else, here is a description of the best ways to follow me and the type of information you will be fed.

Blogger/Google Reader/Favorites

If you have Blogger or simply Google reader, you will see a new post whenever one is published. If you are so inclined you can leave a comment by going to the main page. When reading through a reader (or on the phone) you will not have access to my layout. I am working on setting it up to be mobile friendly. Another thing you won’t see by skipping the actual page is my Twitter stream along the right. If all you want are the main posts and pictures though, this is the way to go. Along those same lines, a good old fashioned “add to favorites” will work. The issue with this last option is you won’t know when a new post is up unless you’re checking on a regular basis. This may work for people who do not want to be bothered by social media every day and have a routine of reading things on Sunday morning.


Technically there are two ways to reach me on FB. Yes, I have a personal page. No, I don’t friend people unless I know them. It isn’t that I do not want to be social it is 1) I am a counselor and can get in serious trouble for socializing with a client or their family 2) Why do I need to let someone into my personal life, when I can direct them to my fan page? Also, many/most of my personal friends do not care too much about my running…therefore I don’t link to every entry or speak on every race, if you care then you need to follow my fan page. That being said, please look me up on the ROJ Running fan page. If you follow on FB you will have a link in your feed informing you of new blog posts. You will also have the privilege of more “personal” snippets. When I want to make a statement in the middle of the week, or send out a message or and THIS IS IMPORTANT when I want to link a giveaway, I do it on the FB newsfeed. Occasionally I will also post different or additional pictures from events. Personally, I think the FB fan page is the best option, nearly anything and everything I want to put out there goes through FB. The only thing you won’t see is my CardioTrainer feed, giving you my up to the minute stats.


I enjoy tweeting when I just want to browse random ideas or comments. For me though, I think all the retweeting can get annoying. Also the # and @ makes it hard to read (for me) at times. This might be because I do not use it that often. What I do like is how easy it is to send out a quick message with my phone when I’m at a race. My Twitter is also linked to my CardioTrainer, so if you want to watch my stats during the week, follow Twitter (or look at the stream on the main blog). It is also linked to my MyFitnessPal profile, so updates on my diet/exercise progress will appear, along with links to giveaways. Normally I don’t tweet pictures, but I have when I win a medal or a picture is worth more than the words.

Other Media

Currently I am not on other forms of media and could not tell you what happens if you follow me through anything else. The three listed are my main sources of traffic. Will I get on Google+? Only time will tell (Yes, my posts do go to Google Buzz currently, if that’s still your cup of tea). MySpace was “dead” before I had a blog and I see no point in creating it now. I’ve looked at Tumblr, but have yet to see why I need to create anything on there. If anyone has any advice or would like to comment/contribute in any way feel free! I just wanted to get this cheat sheet out there, so people understand why I promote myself the way I do. Thanks for following and make sure you tell a friend!

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