Psychic Friends and Family

Remember those old TV ads? Just pay 9.99/minute and your future will be revealed?

As a kid I always wanted to try it. As a teen my friends and I actually drove out to a psychic to have some readings done. I was around 16 at the time, and she told me three things about my life and I can only remember two. First, that I had already met my soul mate. Sitting here at days away from 27 and single as the day is long; I wonder about her insight on this matter. Then again, this is also around the time I decided/realized soul mate is not the same thing as life partner or spouse. Yes, at the time I was hopeless in love with my high school sweetheart (on again off again romance), but I didn’t think she meant him. I actually thought she meant my best friend Andrew. I have never had romantic feelings toward him, nor he toward me, we’ve been friends since around the age of 10. How often do you find two people of the opposite gender who stays friends and just friends and CLOSE friends through puberty, adolescence, college and adult life? As weird as it may sound I think we are a version of soul mates, we just get each other and will always be there for each other too.

The second thing she told me was I would grow up to be a writer. In high school all I wanted to be when I grew up was a novelist, or at least some version of writer. Originally I applied to college as a communications major with hopes of writing for the paper and being discovered. Obviously counseling isn’t much of a writing related job…unless you count case notes and files. However, I consider this blog to be as much a part of me as any paid job. I also still have dreams of writing a book (or a few).

In present times…I have always believed I am a little more in tune with the world than others. I know things and sense things other people never pick up on.

My most recent example was yesterday. Monday night I went to bed and slept so well! Except I started having bad dreams. Not nightmares, just bad dreams. In my most vivid dream I was leaving my grandparents’ house when I discovered my car wouldn’t start. I checked the car and the battery was sparking and melting. For some reason I still owned the Civic, so I decided to drive that while the Tuscon was in the shop. The Tuscon is a 2008 car and has very little “wrong” with it. Mostly routine maintenance. I took it in yesterday to have the brakes lubricated…which apparently did not happen as it should have the pads were changed…(insert grumpy face). While there the people asked me when the last time I looked under the hood was. Right like I just do that for fun. Why, is the engine gone? Nope, the battery terminals hadn’t been cleaned in a while, leading to horrid corrosion and the battery was leaking everywhere. UGG. I was floored, not only because this was another 100 bucks I needed to spend, but because it was so much like my dream the night before!

Because I spent most of my day cooped up in a car dealership I opted to go out with the Tuesday Night Group Run people. I am SO glad I did too. First, let’s be honest, summer + running = eye candy on the trails. Second, I was in an “I don’t care mood” and just went out to run. I went out in my not so favorite pants, wore a cotton, yes cotton shirt, had glasses on, and thick socks. I was a mess. The only thing I did “right” was bringing my waist pack and using my inhaler (which I found).

We went over to O’Neil Woods and ran on the Buckeye Trail and then Deer Run.


The first 3.5 mile loop on BT was EASY. The guy in front of me was on his first group run and kept nearly tripping on roots. I was nervous for him! At the turn around I fell way behind on the steep uphill climb, but then gained my footing and blew past him. I wasn’t trying to do so, I just did! I thought he looked familiar too, but wasn’t sure why. (Keep this in mind). I cleared my first mile in 11:50ish. Second mile was 15-ish and the third was 13-ish. Just over 13/mi for the whole loop! Then came Deer Run, considered strenuous by Metro Park standards.

I thought about dropping down, but was feeling GREAT and knew I could always hike. My thick socks were making my feet swell and go numb. My glasses were foggy, but I kept trucking along.

Mark joined me and we chatted a little. It was nice not to be alone and it kept my spirits up. I run so much better with a partner. We cleared 4 miles total well before an hour and I was so excited. The course finishes on a HUGE hill I can barely get up because I’m short and the rocks/steps are so far apart. I managed to get to the end of stop Garmin at 4.9 and 1:10. It was actually more like 1:08 but I wanted a pretty # so I stood there until the clock flipped over. Maybe I should have kept walking to get more distance? Haha.

Standing there chatting I was so proud of myself. I always was more than aware of how soaked in sweat I was. Ewww cotton. I think my inhaler made a ridiculous difference and I’m kicking myself for experimenting with not using it these past few weeks. I found out the guy who was new is a member at Summa so that’s where I knew him from. When Mom and I did our indoor tri, he was walking into the building. He heard me yell to my Mom “That horrible smell is my trail shoes”!

Hope everyone else is getting back into things smoothly after what was probably a very tempting weekend.

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