Body Wraps : My initial impressions

Wednesday I was super excited to try something I have heard about and been interested in for over 10 years. I recall being in high school and hearing the commercial for American Body Wraps. They still exist in other parts of Ohio, but not here. As a teen, I of course imagined and hoped every and any treatment was the cure to my “I’m ugly” syndrome. Tanning beds should instantly make me a perfect shade…make up should make my skin smooth…lemon juice should make me blond, and body a body wrap should make me lose 3 dress sizes. I’m older now and I’ve learned tanning beds are expensive, spray tans stain your friend’s car and your clothes, lemon juice makes you smell horrible and to turn brown hair blond takes a lot of time and money at the salon.

Imagine my excitement, when Groupon suggested I try a body wrap for 20 bucks!

Herbal Therapy Wraps is located about 20 minutes from my house and specialize in body wrap treatments. Since they are not a spa, they are able to offer services at a lower rate. Many spas will charge between 70-200 dollars for a single wrap. I do not think I am allowed to disclose fully the pricing I was offered, but I can say depending on the package you buy, the price per visit is between 20-30 dollars and each time you renew there’s a better discount offered. What would you need to keep renewing if it “works”. Well, from what I was told, the inch loss doesn’t become long term until the third or fourth wrap, when the treatment can get into and past the muscles to shrink fat cells. Also, many people enjoy the “feel good” benefits of it more than the physical looks.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was still hoping for glowing skin and 10 million inches of fat loss. My technician, Stephanie, explained in great detail what goes into the process. Feel free to read more about it on their website, linked above. If I go back, I plan to ask to take my own photos for a review, hopefully they will agree.

Client being wrapped. Taken from official webpage

First, the client is measured all over for an assessment. I was measured at my upper arm, middle arm, lower arm, chest, waist, tummy, hip, thigh, upper calf and mid calf. Really probably more too, but that gives you an idea. Then the client is wrapped in medical sized bandages (think giant ACE bandages) which have been pre-soaked in herbal mixes. At first the wrap feels very warm, but it quickly cools. Some of the wrap design depends on your goals. For me I wanted my chest to be lifted not reduced, so she wrapped me a certain way. Also, I wanted my butt to be lifted and reduced, so that involves a particular technique. You are wrapped in bra and underwear, cotton is the preferred material. I was warned if I drink a lot of water, I will feel a puddle form under me. Yum. After the wrap is applied, you are fitted in this giant spa suit. It’s hard to explain this thing…it’s a little stiff like plastic, but also movable. Ever see one of those cheap table clothes that are somewhat plastic for easy wiping? It reminded me of a suit of that material. Next, you are guided to the relaxation room. Or lounge, let’s not be too fancy.

Relaxation room w the lights on. From official webpage.

The relaxation room is very dimly lit, with the kind of music you would expect at a crystals and herbs shop to be playing. I was told to plop into a chair, it reclined and I was covered in a blanket. For 45 minutes I dozed on and off, I can’t sleep on my back, and my ponytail made me uncomfortable. Finally I am unwrapped and presented for measurements. After the 45 minutes I was soaking and needed to pee! I dried off and put on my dry/clean bra and underwear and awaited the results. Overall I lost 9 inches, which is easy to do when you lose a quarter inch from 100 spots (obviously the math here is wrong). Still, I lost a half inch from my waist, hip and thigh.

I was told to drink plenty of water for the next 2-3 days, but to always drink water anyway. 48 hours later I can tell you, I do not think it was just water weight I lost. I could truly see a reduction in my stretch marks on my hips, tummy and breasts. My routine was not changed much and I drank just as much water as normal. Friday is my official weigh in day of the week, and the half inches are still gone. One thing I didn’t like, I thought I smelled like the ocean or something for the past two days. No one said anything, but I don’t wear scented anything, so even a light scent drives me nuts.

I went in hoping for massive size lost, feeling great, and maybe getting rid of the pain in my knee. Two days later, I have minimal inch loss, feel like I have felt for weeks and the pain is still there.

THAT BEING SAID…aftermath realizations

I went to the CVNP fun run on Wednesday night (same night as body wrap). We ran a part of the Buckeye Trail for about 3.6 miles. I FLEW through the first part. I mean FLEW. This was part of the trail I ran in 15 min pace during the race and felt strong.  I was running just under a 13 minute pace that evening! I didn’t feel gross at all. Was it just what happens after a big race? Shorter feels better? Maybe for some, but I’ve never experienced it. We snacked on ice cream and fresh blueberries afterward! Yum.

Thursday evening I went out with CRTR. Jason Robillard was there giving a barefoot clinic. More on this aspect later. After the clinic we ran 4.7 miles on the trails, and we were all permitted to test a pair of Merrell pace gloves if we wanted. I’ve been meaning to use my minimal shoes more, so I went for it. I have done this route once or twice with a running group and few times on a hike. I always struggle. Again, I was flying last night. I was keeping a steady pace; I even managed to power up the hills. Steep hills, fresh with mud, which I normally slide down and curse.  Except for the muddy hills I ran the WHOLE THING and felt great! It was such a pretty night too. High humidity for the week, then a gentle rain fall right before the run, and just at the start of the sun setting. I was alone on the trail, since I opted to change shoes at my car and words don’t do it justice. Elegant fog, bright golds and reds from the sun. Amazing.

Back to back GREAT trail runs, with a great pace, no pain during, and minimal pain after…that includes in minimal shoes. Either my body magically adapted after the 50K in under two weeks, or there is more to body wraps then simple weight loss. I’m going with the latter.

Given the chance I would suggest everyone test out getting a body wrap. They offer a deal for first time clients, even without a groupon, to try for 20 bucks.

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  1. I secretly always wanted to try that.. I'm just not sure it's something that I can justify the $$ on… I prefer massages, instant feel good 😉 I'll be anxious to hear if you go back and how the results continue to go.

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