Angelcots and Bunchkins

One thing I have been trying to do this summer is eating healthier…such as eating more fruits and veggies. Honestly, I love fruits and veggies. I could and would eat them all day if given the chance. OK that’s a lie. I would and could if someone cut them up for me and walked around offering them to me whenever and wherever.


The same reason I don’t do so well with cooking meats or other meals, although I am actually a good cook …is that I don’t like taking the time to prepare stuff. However, what could be easier than a fruit or veggie? Pull from basket or fridge, insert into mouth, ta-da! Yet, I don’t.

Now, I have a “good” reason for this…although many will not agree.

Braces. Yes, I am using my braces as an excuse once again. Hear me out. I can’t and don’t like to eat anything hard or too cold. In the past my fruits and veggies of choice included apples and whatever you might find on a veggie tray platter. None of those feel good in my mouth anymore. I need VERY soft and/or VERY warm foods. Cooked/steamed veggies = lovely.  Only I don’t want to cook or stream them. Some fruit = good, but not the fruit I taught myself to enjoy.

Naturally I am more than pleased when I come across a fruit/veggie I enjoy and don’t mind taking the time to insert it into my mouth. I am introducing you to two of my latest fruity finds! I saw each of these at my local Giant Eagle and had no clue what they were, but had to try them. Being unemployed also leads you to seeking out “quests” in your normal life.

In the past I have gone on other quests for other fruits and was not pleased. A few years ago I tried grapples (the grape flavored apple) and was les than impressed or convinced the advertising was correct. Maybe it was because I did and still do have a thing against red apples, but to me they just tasted off.

Apples are not the only fruit where I will eat one skin type and not another. Grapes also have this ranking system. Red grapes are OK, green grapes I can only do in a mix with other fruits, but black grapes…especially seedless black grapes…are A-MAZ-ING! I came across the below items about a month ago.

IMG_2747 bunckins

They were small, cute, a fruit, and had a great name…so I took them home! After a little research I learned they are nothing more than champagne grapes. Still, they were BLACK champagne grapes, so I was sold! These little guys are awesome. Awesome in a salad.  Awesome in a cup. Awesome all the way around. If you have a chance, try them.

This past weekend I came across another interesting find.

AngelcotClamshell 2611682270_e67f01e7e9

How could something with a halo steer you wrong?

No one at the store seemed to know what they were, but I wasn’t afraid. Again, after a little research I was able to uncover the mystery of the angelcot. Sadly, nothing too fancy or even a cool hybrid fruit. Just some California white apricot. Never fear, at least they are juicy and sweet and wonderful! As with the Bunchkins..if you have a chance, buy these babies too! I hear they are sometimes at Trader Joe’s.

What about all of you? What are some of your favorite “unusual” fruits? Do you have a ranking system for your fruits and veggies?

One thought on “Angelcots and Bunchkins

  1. bunchkins eh? Interesting… sounds tasty 🙂 I do not eat unusual fruits unless someone else tries it and then tells me what it's like. It took almost a year after I discovered a grapple to even try it. I've been hooked since but wasn't about to up and try it on my own 🙂

    I loveeeeee steamed veggies. I steam everything in those microwave bags, if it required any further effort, I'd probably never touch a veggie.

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