Weekly recap

I wish there was more to write about in the past week, but there is not. A race report is in the works however so that should be a good read!

Since we last saw each other June has blossomed! June first was National Running Day. This holiday was especially fun for me, since I was a featured blogger over at FitBlogger. To celebrate I went for a planned 5 miles “easy” run. I put on my New Balance minimal shoes and headed out the door. Right away I liked the way they made my legs feel. After a relatively flat 1 mile I took it upon myself to mix in some hills. A few of the side streets where I live have some nasty hills! Nicely if one takes all the side streets up and down from my place to the main road and back it’s 2 miles. At the end of these 3 miles I stopped at my place for water and an emergency bathroom run. Gasping for air as I was sweating way more than I realized, I also noticed a terrible pain in my knee. Great. I grabbed Emme and we went for a 1 mile cool down. I planned to do two with her, but it was TOO HOT for her, and my knee was really screaming.

After some research I found out my knee and the pain on my left are both based on IT issues. WHY DIDN’T ANY OF YOU TELL ME THIS?? I am happy to report several days later, I took it easy and my knee feels fine. I can’t risk injury this close to the 50K.

Sat I went for an 16 mile bike ride. I wanted to finish as closely to an hour as possible. You should have see me trying my hardest to keep up my pace on the trail. Of course using trails I never tried before I was unaware and unprepared for the hills. I finished 14 miles in 1 hour and 1 minute. I also had to stopped for about 10 different road crossings. Without those stops I’m sure I would have cleared one hour! I made it to the half way point in 35 so my overall goal was to get home before 1:10:00 I made it home in 1:11:00 what is WITH the ONE MINUTE? Sheesh!

Sunday I did the Morgana Run! 5K. A race I have done 5 years in a row. A full report will follow soon, but I will tell you now…I cleared 30 minutes which was my most important goal.

Now for other stories….

This week I also received my Team MARATHON Bar race package. Included in the box was:

Team Marathon Apparel
Totally stole this picture from a team member

Race jacket: heavy weight, certainly designed for winter
Running singlet: Probably my FAVORITE piece. It it a tank with totally ventilated sides and NO BUILT IN BRA! Sweet!
Running short sleeve shirt
Running long sleeve shirt
Shorts : Built in panties and swooshy material. Side slits all the way up to the band! I like ’em but I’m trading them in for a larger size in hopes they’ll be a little longer.
Sweat band: With a hole for a ponytail!
Food: A version of energy flavor and a version of protein flavor. Probably about 1/3 or even 1/4 of what we were sent last year.
Tattoos: Press on for the kids or kids at heart

I have to admit I was worried I just joined a team with a requirement to travel to a major race and was going to spend more money then items I’d be getting in exchange. However the clothing this year is FABULOUS and totally worth every penny of registration and moment of promoting I will be doing this season.

On a final note….who believe in Karma? Well, I do! Listen to this funny little story…

Friday or was it Sat? Who knows. I went to Subway for a turkey and avocado sub. My new fave. The girl gave me 5 dollars back when I only needed 4. I realized this in my car. Most people would say “sweet a dollar” but I couldn’t do it. I felt guilty. I also am paranoid and wonder if I’m on a TV show and if I return the money I get a grand prize. So I walk into the store and give her the 1 back. They staff (all late teens to early 20s ) look at me like I just offered them a line of coke. Oh well I felt better about it!

Then Sat (OK yes the Subway thing was Fri) I was running late to meet Gale for cleaning up the trails. (What a way to spend National Trail Day). I stopped at my local station and fueled. Only I saw the price was 3.99…I use middle grade. The advertised price (unleaded) was 3.78. I know the whole 10 cent increments thing isn’t a RULE but really? 21 cents more? That was crazy. I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw premium was 3.98. OK something was wrong, how was leaded more than premium? I went inside to let them know the computer was off. I explained I wasn’t mad and didn’t need a refund (what a 1.50?) I just thought I’d let them know before someone DOES get mad (it was early). Again I was looked at like I was on crack even when I presented my receipt. The shrugged said the computer was probably wrong (and didn’t fix it) but then proceed to give me 3 dollars as a refund. WOW how cool is that? See, what I mean…what goes around comes around…times 3? Haha

On a final FINAL note. Gale and I went to the CNVP on Sat to help clean up. We sat through the LONGEST orientation ever! Then finally got to walk around for about 90 minutes snipping overgrown limbs and cleaning debris from the recent storms. Some people were able to flatten hills made by moles and ants. We had mighty powerful cutters and took out nasty roots and a spare limb here and there. (Tree limb). I enjoyed being outside and giving back to the trails I’ve used so often on my adventures. I didn’t get to run a trail on it’s special holiday, but without the effort to keep them nice, no one would run them the other 364 days of the year, right?

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