Product Review: Danskin Now – Women’s Seamless Sport Bras, 2-Pack

My first clothing review!

First, allow me to say I bought these bras with my own money and I am getting nothing in exchange for this review.

I have a feeling some people are trying to wrap their heads around how I can claim to be a serious runner, yet I am admitting to buying clothing from Wal*Mart. Honestly, I had a hard time figuring this out myself, until I realized how much I love this bra.

Years ago when I first started running my favorite piece of clothing to run in was this undershirt thing with a built in bra. It was by Danskin, although I didn’t know or care. I knew I was a broke undergrad and it was smooth and looked like what the other runners were wearing. I outgrew it and my bank account grew large enough for me to justify buying name brand. I also became a bit of a gear snob and wouldn’t even look at chain store brands. Seriously.

Currently, as many of you know, I am between jobs. Eh, I graduated and have yet to find a job in my field. I am trying not to spend too much money. Part of what I am doing to keep busy though is working out. Every day I’m on the elliptical, out hiking with the pup, trying to do Jillian’s or many other items. In the past I would race one or two days (weekends) meaning one or two really nice bras would work for me. During the week I didn’t cross train too much, or when I did it was one or two days and again one kinda nice bra was enough. Well when you’re working out every day and it’s outside and it’s summer in Ohio, one two or three bars is not cutting it! I needed more, but I didn’t want to spend 100s of dollars. And the bras I currently use are slowly dying.

Then, about a month ago my Mom pointed to a picture in a Wal*Mart ad. Two bras for 9.99? Seriously? What are they made of cotton and have seams of death? Together we went to investigate this nonsense. Sure enough the bras she wanted, some sort of thick cotton. No go for me. However, the bras in the ad, the ones I wanted? Smooth, soft, seamless. Really? Could it be true? And one black and one white? Less than 5 dollars each?

I decided for less than 10 dollars I could take the risk on these bras. Boy am I glad I did! Best value ever!

I have worn these on hikes, on runs, on bike rides. Never once did I feel like I was going to chafe. Never once did I feel like I was going to need to adjust myself. And for what seems like flimsy material, I didn’t feel like I was bouncing all over the place. IMHO they’re also comfortable enough to simply wear under your shirt all day long. A major selling point on this last issue, I have groups where we will go out to eat after we run. One of my biggest pet peeves is feeling restricted while eating. I like feeling restricted by my bra when running, but when hanging out? Not fun. This bra gives when it needs to and stays out of the way when it doesn’t.

Normally in bras I wear between a 36 and 38 C depending on the cut and wires. So, I need some heavy reinforcement of the troops in order to do more than the elliptical. I bring this up because I know it’s a major issue with the “thinner” sports bras and how it seems unless you’re an A-B you’re SOL. Not true with this product.

Side note: I never dry my bras, so the reviews I read about shrinkage or damage have not applied to me.

Light weight
VERY breathable
Feels secure
Racer-back (no straps falling off your shoulders half way up a hill)
Extremely low price
Although I didn’t see, apparently a cute color selection
Works for low to high impact sports

A lil too snug. I don’t think I would race in one, not because it wouldn’t support me, but because I feel like the back is cut in a way that gives me a little bit of shoulder blade back fat. Maybe I’m weird?

I would give this bra 4 of 5 stars and will certainly be buying more in the future.

If interested, please see the product page at Walmart, it is part of their Danskin NOW collection: Danskin-Now-Womens-Seamless-Sport-Bras-2-Pack

PS. When looking for this bra at your local Wal*Mart…try not to laugh at the “push up sports bras” if yours carries them. Guess I’m not the only one who wants to look good, but even I think that’s taking it too far!

****Update 6/23/2011***

This past week I had the chance to wear my bra at a hotel fitness center. While I did not feel any differently from my outside runs, I was able to view myself in the mirrored walls. HOLY UNCONTROLLABLE BOUNCE. I will not be wearing this bra to race in, literally seeing my girls all over the place. One thing to note is I can control my speed more on the treadmill and was running between an 8:30 and 10:00 mile, while around the neighborhood I putz around and do 10:30 to 12:30.  The added speed may have created the extra movement. I felt this was a needed update though in favor of those ladies who do run quickly at all times and are larger up top.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Danskin Now – Women’s Seamless Sport Bras, 2-Pack

  1. These bras are so comfortable that I wear two! I have big gals and layering them really keeps them in! Plus, it looks really cute.

    • I found layering mine is helpful too and they are so comfortable! I wear ’em as casual weekend pieces now a lot of the time

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