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Saturday June 25th 2011 I went out on a grand adventure. Well, really my morning started when I attempted to do hill repeats at 7 am. I met up with a group planning to do who knows what. All I knew is I was sick of long distances on the trails. The plan was 10 minutes out and back on the Towpath (easy) then over to Initiation hill (you might recall me talking about this from the Easter Egg Run) where we will run that hill (right) then enter the Buckeye trail. We take Buckeye to Pine Lane parking lot, enter the Valley Trail and loop back to the road with the hill. Run the hill two more times (right) and then back onto the trail. Repeat this process 4 loops. It should take about 2 hours.

Slow and steady I found myself on the Towpath. I cleared around 2 miles with those 20 minutes, then over to the hill. Grrr. someone in our group said where they grew up they had a hill called religion hill.

“Why did they call it that?”

“Because whenever someone saw it they would go, Oh God”.

Lovely. I didn’t make it all the way up the hill; I barely made it halfway before my asthma kicked in. Dang. I entered the trail feeling down on myself. I ad acquired a friend though, and he kept me motivated. The trails were muddy and messy though and by the time I reach Pine Lane I was D O N E. It was maybe a 3 mile loop all together, I fell twice on the Valley Trail and knew I wouldn’t be doing it again. I made up my own idea, where I would only do repeats on the killer hill. I told myself I had to run up it once without stopping. Amazingly I did this on the first try! I didn’t think I could do it at all. Yes, it was slow. Yes, it would have been embarrassing if anyone else had seen. Still, I accomplished my task…and in under 15 minutes! Woot! All in all I ran almost 6.5 miles and just decided enough was enough. I refuse to force myself to run anymore…I won’t stop loving my sport.

Registration…and the Grunt Girls

Later that night, I went to the Century Cycles PJ Night Ride. It was a blast! Of course before I left the house I got distracted by Facebook and was running late. This wouldn’t be an issue, except I knew I had a headlight out. And I didn’t have time to go do the headlight, change and get to the ride. So, guess who showed up at Auto Zone in bright pink, giraffe print flannel PJs. I wish I were kidding. I may write them a letter, no one looked at me like I was crazy, no one made fun of me, and everyone acted like it was totally normal. It wasn’t normal. I got my light, and trying not to laugh myself, casually mentioned I was on my way to a costume party. The seniors seemed unimpressed with my conversation, and I drove away.

Me and Tasha

At the Towpath I nervously dropped off my stuff for Project Night Night and tried to see a familiar face. The Grunt Girls asked who I would be riding with…and I asked why I should have someone. Probably more defensive then I needed to be, but I was a little on edge. See, I didn’t see too many other PJs yet. Luckily as the crowd filled in I wasn’t alone in my wardrobe choice. They introduced me to a team member named Tasha, who when she met me said “Nice to meet you Tasha” and everyone laughed. Stephe was there and Liz’s friend Jessica. It was weird/cool to see her and I ended up riding with the two of them.

Along the way Jess said how we should get together and ride. I agreed, but pointed out I am not a strong rider. I can do 12-14 MPH and I have never done more than 30 miles. She said she could adjust (and I would get better). Ha. We chatted about different things and we got on the topic of nutrition and they tried to rip apart Marathon Bars. I quickly came to their defense! Just because they use the Snickers name does NOT make them a candy bar! They have just as much (if not more) nutrition than other sports bars and IMHO taste amazingly better. I’m not sure if they ever read the label, but seriously people, with all things, read the label yourself, don’t just listen or make an opinion.

At the half way mark, we had snacks. I had Cherry Coke, pretzels and animal crackers. I also played “Spin-the-water-bottle” and ended up with the dare to lift my bike over my head. I was SO GLAD I went with the road bike.


Then they said I had to do it with one hand.


Jess took this cool, “techno” shot by accident.


On the way back everything was pitch black. Lightning bugs filled the trees and canal animals sang. It was magical.

At the “after party” I was hit on by some guy who was well beyond drunk. He was really cute so at first I played along, but once I realized he was probably drugged out as well as drunk, I made my way away from him. Honestly, it was nice to get some attention, even if I felt ridiculous in my outfit. Maybe my winning personality was glowing?

I sat down with Stephe, Jess, Tasha and a few other Grunt Girls and had dinner. I also had an awesome cherry margarita. Yea, what’s with that? No wonder I never work out anymore. (sheepish eyes). We all had great conversations until nearly midnight when it was time to go home. It was a great time and I can’t wait until the next night ride…which is July 8th, and not gonna lie, looking forward to being normally clothed.

So blog friends….let’s do this question thing…are you more or less likely to do any event if it’s “themed”? Have you ever had to go somewhere “normal” while dressed up?

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