I’m not slacking, I swear!

I am loving this summer + not working thing! Of course I know it will some day come to and end, and I look forward to that as well and joining my fellow professionals at a paid level. For now though, look at all I have done!

Sunday the fam and I did take the pups for a few walks/hikes. Mom and sis wanted to go to a flat trail…thus why it’s not really hiking IMO. We did two different sections of the Towpath south of where we live. Each section we went out a mile then returned 2 miles per trail, 4 miles total. The second trail was BURSTING with energy. We saw a strange bird I thought was beautiful and later learned it was more than likely a green heron. Our area is famous for the returning of the blue herons down the road each year, I never knew there were other colors.

Green-Heron Great_Blue_Heron

Along this same trail we saw a lot of geese with babies, Emme LOVES geese/ducks so that was entertaining. At one point Mom says “WOW! What is THAT?” And we run over to discover the biggest dead frog I have ever seen. I wanted to be sick. See, I like little frogs, but I hate and I mean unnaturally hate/loath bullfrogs. They seriously make me so mad and grossed out. I had a boyfriend once who thought this was the funniest thing. We’d go walking together after a rain storm or when it was lightly raining, where he lived flooded out ever so slightly when this happened, and along the roads you would find different frogs. We’d walk and talk and listen to crickets or the little frogs singing. Every once in a while though…a big ol bullfrog would jump at us or ribbit. I would get SO MAD, I’d start yelling and running down the road to get away from it.

Not too long after the frog we saw a turtle trying to cross the road/path. Then near the end Mom goes “Julie! Look it’s an alligator!” and of course I look…it was a beaver carrying some type of tall/long water plant. Goodness. We turned around and all of sudden it was like everything just went to bed. A little darker, and not as many animals or people.

Becky, not really kicking her dog. Mom being funny in the background


Goose family…also celebrating Mother’s Day


Monday Mom and Emme and I went for a really technical hike. Emme LOVED it, she was racing us up the hills and rocks. As she always does.


Monday evening, I joined a few Grunt Girls for my first bike ride of the season. 6 miles out and 6 back. We used the section of the Towpath where I ran the half marathon a few weeks back. It was amazing how much of a difference time has made. It is SO PRETTY along the path now! Wow! Easy course and I was impressed with my speed. Normally I struggle with double digit speed…hey it’s the truth! That night I was keeping between 14 and 15! The girls say it’s being with a group. I dunno I’ve been with groups before and it didn’t help! I think it’s the training I did all semester, I might actually have muscles and strength and endurance! Whee! They went out for a second loop, but I didn’t want to over do it….maybe next week?

Tuesday I went shopping with a girlfriend…well window shopping for myself. I also donated about 6 pairs of shoes (yes 6 pairs, about 12 shoes) to Nike where the old shoes become courts and tracks. How neat, right?

Tuesday night I went to the Summit Athletic Running Club meeting. There was supposed to be a group run before the meeting. I didn’t see anyone. So I took off on my own for a while. I know, where did that motivation and self reliance come from? GASP. So off I went for about 13 minutes in one direction, then turned around. I figured I didn’t wanna be walking in right as the meeting started, nor did I want to be sweaty and smelly. My goal was a negative split…and I accomplished it! The meeting itself was nice, we had a guest speaker from the Cleveland Clinic or some such place. A sports nutritionist. She answered questions about food and fueling. I asked about my inability to eat sticky/gummy foods and my inability to process liquids while running. (GU). She said some people just don’t even like the options who can use ‘em and suggested anything I like to eat, but has carbs. She says a lot of people use sports bars, and what they do is break them up into smaller pieces and pop the pieces as they journey. I may try that for shorter distances (like 10 miles to half) and when I do my ultra in July, keep up with other things like m&ms for sugar/happiness and PB&J like I did with Oil Creek.

Today….was a “rest” day. My left calf is still acting weird. No pain as much as it’s a little tender to the touch. Almost like it’s bruised…if that makes sense? Hmm, I bought a new bra! Hello Juno from Moving Comfort! And my shorts finally arrived at Vertical Runner from SKINS. I was worried the other shape would also feel weird and all my waiting was pointless. NO! NOT AT ALL. WOW I don’t know who else wears SKINS but there is a major difference between the A and H shapes. Seriously. Look and wear the right shape! I feel like these shorts were made for me. I still have yet to run in them, but with the way the weather is, that should be ohh….tomorrow!

Things to look forward to from me?
  1.  Possible “published’ nutrition post
  2.  Review of my new shorts
  3. Review of my new bra
  4. Review of my new minimal trail shoes
  5. Review of my new bike/run adapter kit for my Garmin
  6. And of course pictures and stories of my training.

The only “race” this month will be Vulture’s Knob on the 28th. It’s a 15K trail course. I’m told VERY technical, but not at all hilly. The week before I may head out to Oil Creek for a 17 mile training run. I’m skipping Tallmadge Memorial 5K given the price of gas and my employment situation. Oh, and the 27th I am doing a 20 mile bike ride with Tom. The Sunset Memorial ride…I did it last year too, but the experience was overshadowed by my first exposure to Oil Creek.

If I don’t post again before this weekend, good luck to all at Cleveland. I am not going after all. Gale can’t go and I was going to support her. Also, see those of you going to the Pajama Ride on Saturday!

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  1. Enjoy your time off! Sorry I won't be seeing you Sunday at Cleveland. That marathon is in serious need of spectators/supporters. But at least you'll be staying dry!

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