“I can’t afford the actual race” virtual marathon

I planned to use this latest virtual marathon as a motivator to run more and get back into the swing of things. The other night I went to the blog hosting the event and I noticed to my horror…I can’t read. OK I can read, I just can’t pay attention apparently. Where I thought the race started May 1st and continued for 2 weeks, I learned it ended on May 1st and could be started up to two weeks prior in order to get all the mileage in!

Strangely and amazingly enough…I found my races and group runs added up to nearly the 26.2 I needed. How cool is that?!

Here is the breakdown of how I accomplished each task. The dates were April 17 – May 1, 2011.

April 21,

4.39 miles. Time 58:48

Accomplished at the Easter Egg trail run, with my running group the Crooked River Trail Runners. I ran this race with Gale, her boyfriend Ed and my Mom. Along the way we grabbed plastic eggs numbered for a drawing and filled with candy. No, I did not eat the candy! I did however keep the cheap fuzzy yellow chick. It was cute! My random prize was a One World Trail Running sticker. If it had been something cooler, like a giant box of GU, I could have done my own giveaway. Oh well.

April 23,

9.99 miles. Time 1:57:09

Accomplished at the Cleveland 10 miler. For details, check out my race report HERE.

April 28,

3.62 miles. Time 52:29

Accomplished at my next time out with the CRTR. We went over to a local trail in the CVNP and ran a part of Oak Hill. According to Gale this is part of the XTERRA series, so I better get used to it! I found it easy and enjoyable. During out time on the trail she told me about her hopes/plans to return to school and I was so happy for her. She also told me about the speed-work she did with the GG the night before. Her body was TOAST from that work and I had my own work out, but I wasn’t as sore as she was. I was working on keeping pace and testing when and why my feet go numb. Slow and steady we went through the woods and noticed damage from the storms the night before. At one point she tripped on NOTHING she was that worn down. As we approached the end a fellow member directed us to shorter but muddy or longer and dry. Gale opted for shorter and away we went. Immediately I was sad we did not do a full 5 miles, but no sooner did we stop and start chatting in the parking lot that it started to rain and get COLD. With hurried goodbyes and good-lucks to those running the Flying Pig marathon over the weekend, away we went in our cars.

April 30,

4.33 miles. Time 56:35

Accomplished at April RAINN, an inaugural race to benefit sexual assault awareness. It was started and hosted by the lovely Grunt Girls! I loved being a part of this event. A few weeks back we all attended a running clinic so I knew what to expect on the trail (mostly). It was a two loop course and I found myself with my baby steps and slow and steady up the hills, followed by flapping my arms and attempting to be light footed back down the hills. Steady breathing and basically having as much fun as possible. I passed people and some passed me. Most of the time I was trying to play leapfrog with Niall although I don’t think he was playing leapfrog with me. My favorite part was climbing/jumping over this HUGE fallen tree (remember, twice!). The second time I attempted to lift his leg over it, he was cramping my style and holding me up! You can see from the stats with the two CRTR races I am getting more and more into the groove of trail running for the season. As I ran I told myself “Nothing but the best and no regrets” something we would say in high school before going on stage for plays. At this race I met a wonderful new friend named Katrina, whose name reminded me of Katniss in The Hunger Games, which I’m in the middle of reading. I tried to be tough like her (the book character) while I ran. My fave part of April RAINN? I BEAT GALE. MuHAHAHAHA. I beat her by like 5 whole minutes too. * Does a happy dance*

May 1,

4.8 miles. Time 1:45:00

Accomplished on the Towpath Trail. I did not take my Garmin, I did this with Cardio Trainer on my phone…so no pretty pictures or splits. Sorry. I knew I had to finish up my miles today and I also wanted to take a study break and play with Emme. So, tonight we jumped in my car and headed over to one of her favorite trails. Ira Trail head. There is SO MUCH activity there between the different landscapes and the people, she’s always looking at something. We walked and looked. I listened to study books on my IPOD and she darted here to there. We saw a beaver, a bunch of birds, bees, turtles, vultures, and countless other things. One of the vultures swooped over us and I think it was after her! She darted under my legs as the dark shadow formed above my head and looked up at me with such fear in her little eyes. I have never seen a reaction like it, and hope I never do again! After a while I noticed a trail mile marker and looked at my phone, we had gone 2.2 miles so it was time to head back. I don’t know if the out was off or the back, but at the end we had done 4.8. I’ll take it! Nearly a mile more than I needed. She was exhausted, in a good way. We went home and she got a bath. Poor puppy, but she needed it!

Here are some sights, along the trail today.

1. Emme ran into some trees and shrubs, when she returned she had a burr stuck to her ear! She did this once with my Mom and had about 50 in her tail, she almost lost all her fuzz. Today was not nearly so bad.

2. Might be hard to see unless you click to enlarger…turtles sunbathing. Don’t worry little guys (and girls) the weather is working on getting nicer.

3. I have no idea of these were decorative or functional. Straw? Horses in the middle of a field.


27.13 Miles. Time 6:30:01

Barefoot Neil Z, thank you VERY much for the amazing virtual marathon…and for showing me I already have the motivation and desire within myself. Might be the first time I’ve eased into running. Perhaps that’s why it’s the first year since 2007 I haven’t gone into the early part of summer injured?

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  1. Congratulations on your runs!! It's funny how embracing running and running because you love it vs running because you feel like you have too makes all the difference in the world!

  2. How do you find all of these cool virtual and actual races?? They are so interesting and would love to partake!! 🙂

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