Graduation Giveaway!

Because nothing says fun like alliteration!

Remember old school invitations you’d bring home in school? Well, here is another!


WHO: All who love fitness and fun! Yes the two go together!
WHAT: A giveaway to celebrate finishing my MA.
WHEN: Now until 11:59pm EST May 7th 2011.
WHERE: Facebook.
WHY: See “what”.  Also, because it seemed like a good idea at the time
Details: To celebrate my graduation I am doing a fast and easy giveaway. Get ROJ Running up to 100 (or more) fans on Facebook by 11:59PM EST 5/7/11 and I will pick one name randomly to win! Win WHAT? A race entry of your choice! (Up to 50 dollars – I am a poor college kid ya know)!
* I would like to focus the following to FB, however if you do not have a FB please let me know if you’re following through reader or blogger or a “favorites” link and I will throw your name in too (IF I make it to the 100 fans)
* Yes, the prize is a race entry. It is not a check for 50 or a gift card for 50. It must be used toward a entry fee of some sort for fitness of some sort.
* I am using my own money for this, so there is no particular event or type of event favored over any other.
* Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey and “welcome” and thanks to all who decide to join now!

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  1. Hey–this is in response to the comment you left on my blog. See, my favorite thing is that we can do both. I actually LOVE running skirts, and I also like to show up to races in pink and pigtails 🙂

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