Graduation Conclusion

Let’s get this part out of the way: We did NOT reach 100 fans, so the contest did not happen. I will do something special when we hit 100, it just won’t be now or that particular contest.

The past few weeks have been one crazy ride. Mainly from finishing up my graduate program! It all ended yesterday when I walked across the stage at EJ Thomas hall at the University of Akron. Here are a few pictures to remember the day.

me (1) family (1) me_emme shoes

My Mom and sister attended the ceremony and dinner, along with one of my best friends, Tom! Gale couldn’t go to the ceremony, she was already signed up for a race and then our dinner choice was not veggie friendly so she skipped. Andrew is still away for his schooling so he couldn’t go. And Brian refused to go to the ceremony. I thought he was going to dinner…but I really haven’t heard from him for the past 2 weeks. As much as I was looking forward to a big “party” I have to admit the dinner with just the four of us was nice. Becky and Tom were both all “WTF I’m NOT cooking my own steak?!” It was soooo funny to me. Finally we had them both convinced it was a fine idea, and it ended up being fun. I wanted to take the extra bread home, but the ends kept falling off…so the sis and I tied it up with dental floss. Yea, we’re classy chicks.

steak heat floss_bread becky_knife

As far as exercise? I haven’t been doing as well as I would have liked. It might explain some of the emotional reactions I’ve been having. From what I recall, Emme and I went hiking just about every day. Except the day I took my license exam. Hmmm let’s break it down!

Sunday: nearly 5 mile “hike”/walk along the Ira Trailhead path. I wrote about it for my virtual marathon recap.

Monday: I think I just laid around the house and studied/crammed and turned into a blob of nothing. I had every intention of going to the Rec Center, but I decided studying for my most important test ever wins.

Tuesday: Took my exam a little after 1:00. Passed with FLYING colors! Immediately I sought out food and then went to my Toastmaster’s meeting. It was a long and silly day.

Wednesday: Emme and I went on another hike! (2.5 miles) I believe this time it was at the Gorge. The parks are redoing or expanding the trail. I woke up with a strange pain in my left calf so I didn’t want to get too crazy. We got “lost” for about 1/2 a mile, but my little furry mountain goat loved the challenge! Later that night I went to Cleveland area to meet up with Gale and Gabe and Lee for some speedwork! We did quarter mile repeats. I was AMAZED at what I would do with a sprint. Yikes! I was sprinting at 1:45 and 1:50 intervals for about 2 laps. We would do the 1/4 section, then pause for 2 minutes. I WISH I could hold a 7 minute mile! DANG. After 2 laps, which would be 1 mile, Gale and I had to modify our approach. We would run the long section, then walk to shorter (we were using a park block). We did this for another mile 1/2 mile. Then a 1/2 mile cool down. So with my 1/2 mile warm-up we did 2.5 miles total. The funny thing is, I can sprint REALLY WELL for short bursts, but I can’t maintain a faster pace with just “jogging” ugg. I’m told speedwork will help with this! around 5 miles total for the day. OH! And most importantly of all, Gale notarized my application to be a LPC. How cool is that?

Thursday: Emme and I went hiking at a brand new park called Tallmadge Meadows! The parks just added it this year. Right away I was unimpressed when I saw the two symbols for the trails. The first option, a paved, easy loops, was a sun. Essentially it was a star with a circle around it). OK this can be nice, just follow the circle to make a loop. However the other symbol was a sunflower. The way this sunflower was drawn though, it looked like a giant star. So at a glance it looks like big star or star in a circle. I just think having something else for the bigger section would make more sense. So we traveled off into what should have been a 2 mile section. Emme loved it, there were flowers and rocks and mud and bridges all over for her enjoyment. We finished and my phone read 1.3 miles or something, so we looped it again. Final total was around 2.8 I think. After the hike I finished my poster/speech for my other Toastmaster’s group. I gave a speech on veggies…It’s actually going to be a post I submit to a site for publication…so hold on to that thought. I also tried to get a certified check, found out it was 10 dollars! WHAT! So I had to go with a money order at the gas station instead. Sheesh.

Friday: Off and away we went to the latest hiking adventure. Overlook Trail. This mighty half mile loop left much to be desired. So we looked at the park map and pulled out GPS and found a trail I had walked with Tom about 3-4 years earlier. I had totally forgotten about it and oddly it has not been a part of the “harder” fall hiking sprees in that time. Emme and I set off on this mighty 2.8 mile loop! Along the way we saw a huge buck, some beaver “homes” lots of water and hills, weird areas I can only assume teens are using after dark illegally. By the time we finished I was beat! Hey we went over 3 miles that day total!

So all in all it’s been a crazy week with meetings, hikes, tests, paperwork, working out and everything in between. I am proud to say I have a whole box of my stuff packed and ready to move out. About 100 more boxes to go!

Today the sis is coming over and we’re supposed to cook with/for Mom and take the dogs on a walk.

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  1. Congratulations! I didn't get to walk for my graduate program, and I kind of regret the choice. I feel like I worked my butt off for it and should have. Either way – that's a great accomplishment!

    I have been wanting to check out Tallmadge Medows, didn't know it was open yet. The last time I went to the Gorge there was a huge hunk closed off. We went to Peninsula on Saturday – and if you haven't gone, I totally suggest it. It has so many little side trails that you can spend hours if you wanted roaming. The cave area was really neat, the rocks are just gorgeous. It was (in my opinion) a mix between moderate to difficult to hike through.

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