My weekend around kids

This was a very interesting weekend for me.

My friend Nicole/Heather (depending on when you met her) came into town unexpectedly with her husband and their 2 children. I had seen her a few years ago when her daughter was around 2. This was only a blip on the radar though. This time around her daughter is 7 and her son is now 2. Can’t lie, as excited as I was to see her, I was very apprehensive about being around her children. I don’t know about babies and kids…if they’re younger than a teen I fear I’m going to say or do something to ruin them for life and make the parents hate me!

Friday night they stopped over and the first thing I learned is Emme (my dog) was built for kids. Despite picking her up by her throat, pulling her tail, pulling her ears, squeezing her to death and many other things the little doll didn’t yelp or snip at them once! She did shiver the rest of the night and try to become one with my lap. I was so happy she didn’t hurt the kids!

Saturday I woke early and went for my run up in Bonnie Park for the Spring Classic 5K. It was a GREAT race and the recap will be posted soon. Partially because I’m waiting on some photos from Gale.

After the run I stopped over at Brian’s since he was so close for a quick shower. Then I was off to Cleveland for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! I met up with Nicole, Andrew and the kids near the Great Lakes Science Center. Together we all walked around talking and looking for food. We settled on pizza and sat down. I was still a little nervous with the kids around, but they weren’t nervous around me! The girl kept holding my hand and talking to me. The little boy was reaching out to be from his stroller and trying to get my attention. I didn’t think I was special…any adult who isn’t a parent is exciting to little ones. While eating lunch I tickled the baby and did what I could and started to think I wasn’t going to die. LoL.

Next we walked back to the RnR. On the way the two of them ran into CVS. I was ALONE on the street with kids! OH NO. I stood there with the stroller, while the little girl jumped and played. I was convinced everyone knew I had no clue what I was doing. When they came back out Nicole was laughing at me and said I was a trusted adult. Really? When did I become a trusted adult? Don’t do that to me! Also, as I explained to her…what if a child related emergency happened? I wouldn’t know what to do. She wasn’t sure what a child related emergency was…but I would probably have been fine.

Inside the Hall of Fame things got much better. I found I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and the kids were actually really funny and cute. Something about the way a child looks at the world makes things interesting in ways I could never imagine on my own. We all went from exhibit to exhibit. Of course it was a little more chaotic and loud than it would have been on my own or with others my age, but I think I liked this version better. We rode the ESCALATOR! We played with automatic hand dryers in the bathroom! We listened to music and saw fancy dresses! OMG there was even a giant hotdog! Seriously…it would take like 60 MINUTES to eat it all! (side note…this thing would have taken MUCH longer than an hour to eat…it was the size of the whole lobby essentially hanging in the air).

What did I learn? Well, I learned why (some) mothers seem to stop wearing nice clothes or being overly stylish. Kids (if you let them) will climb all over you. They will grab at every piece of clothing you have, and clutch any available body part. Your hair will become a mess, either through your fingers, theirs, or the motion of up down up down side side side. I’m sure nearly everyone in that place saw my skin from my butt to my neck and my stomach. Yes, I gave in to piggyback rides, and swinging around and dancing and hugs and all sorts of other things. I learned specifically, boobs are a lot of fun…and not my own. Also, don’t wear cashmere…it’s very soft and alluring to small hands.

My favorite part though…was at the end of the journey. Nicole went off to find her hubby. Again…alone with kids. This time, not afraid. Before they returned I had the 7 yo up my back, me bent over trying to tickle the 2yo who was fussing. I was a human jungle gym trying to divide my attention equally to opposing sides of my body. According to my friend she returned to see me bend over the stroller with one kid on my back, the other trying to be attached to my boobs…and the kids was NOT breastfed, so this is an odd habit he has (and does with everyone).

On the way home I decided I like kids…and one day I’ll really love having kids. I also never want to be a single parent and give MAJOR props to those who are! And right now, part of me doesn’t want more than 1 kid. I kinda want the kid to parent ratio to always be in MY favor!

At dinner another friend joined us along with several others for a sizable group. She brought her 7 week old baby. This is when I found out what “mommy muscles” are and that I don’t have them! I also don’t know how to hold a baby while eating and doing other stuff. WOW crazy stuff I tell ya…crazy. However babies are small and TINY and soft and smell wonderful.

It was a great time and I hope she’s serious about coming back for good. That’d be lovely.

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  1. I laughed through this entire post. Thanks for that 🙂 I feel that way about kids who I don't really know and I DO want kids and am trying, so maybe that weirdness will always be there until i know the kid 🙂

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