For those of you following on FB, you know I posted an FYI that the Shamrock report is one its way. See, slackers, follow me! ( ; I submitted it for publication on a fitness site, and it needs to be original, so it is delayed for your viewing pleasure.

Quick recap…it went VERY well! However, I need hill work.

Life lately has been a rollercoaster. Where do I even begin? Work is going well, I am loving meeting with all my clients and the work we’re doing. It is so hard to believe we’re more than half way done. I finally was sent my info by the state board to apply for my licensure exam. In less than 2 months (if all goes well) I will have my MA and PC (master’s degree and professional counselor). Now it’s time to hit the books!

One area I am more than annoyed with is my health! I am not that old to be having so many health issues. And not to get too political, but seriously American health system…FORGET YOU! Great song. I found out, with the new regulations they (companies) can’t increase your rates to cover pre-exisitng conditions IF you came off a company policy (which I did). They CAN however deny coverage to you at all…which is what they are ALL doing. I am not dying here folks, not to mention every condition I have is NOT my choice, I was born with it…so thanks for punishing me for crap I have nothing to do with @$$faces. As I was telling a friend earlier this week, there should only be one health issue in your 20s as a female, and it goes like this:

Please excuse my terrible attempt to be funny:

See I started having heart issues last week. The school clinic said I was probably fine, but if it didn’t stop I needed to see a specialist. Are you kidding me? So their one helpful suggestion was to use my inhaler before hitting up the gym for 2-3 hours. The issue is I HATE MY INHALER. The steroids make me act like I’m on crack. I can’t sleep too well and I just do not want to use it every day! They won’t listen though. So now I am on a mission to save up enough money or get insurance somehow and go to my normal doctor and work with her, who doesn’t ignore my history or judge me for it and see what we can do about adjusting my medication. Along the lines of insurance, it’s pricey but I’ll probably opt into the student coverage, since they don’t deny. I’m too tired(busy) to keep fighting these people.

Fitness is going VERY well though! I am up to 10 pound weights on Monday nights, and several real pushups in a row. Today I wore a pair of brown slacks I couldn’t get buttoned in Jan…today they were very comfortable. While at the gym I was also being a class act and checking myself out in the mirror. The cottage cheese on the back of my thighs…which many people claim was never there anyway…is greatly reduced to nearly nothing. I don’t jiggle where I shouldn’t either! At this rate, could this be the year od the bikini? Hahaha

Speaking of fitness, my Mom is up to 5 miles at the gym and an hour on the machines! She’s a powerhouse.

The Wednesday girls and I will probably start doing arm weight workouts after water aerobics and before Zumba. I am liking weights now that I finally am doing them correctly and seeing results. And I should be doing them more than once a week. My friend Liz bought a few at Five Below, so I’ll probably head over there this weekend to grab a few for homework outs. I downloaded some fitness aps I want to review for all of you anyway.

Sorry this wasn’t a more “interesting” post. But let’s be honest, work and friends and HEALTH are all parts of the fitness lifetyle. This is a blog about honesty and what it’s like to be a woman in my 20’s attempting to make all of this work!

BTW did I mention? I kinda, sorta made a major decision recently…

I signed up for…


Yep another 31 miles headed my way late July. I delayed any marathon sign ups for now. Something about planning trips with planes while not having employment doesn’t add up.

Oh and I don’t want to forget…I also signed on to do the Cupcake (virtual) Marathon this month. Check it out. Half and Full distance, and you can do it over the course of a few days, not all in one sitting. With a chance to win cupcakes! How cool is that??

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  1. Congrats on signing up for the 50k! You rock, lady!!! Good luck on your licensure exam! I'm a LICSW so I know all about taking those tests! I do individual and family counseling part-time and am a social worker at a residential facility full time.

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